How to test humidity in your indoor space

A humidity test gives information about the amount of water vapor or moisture in your home.

Too little or too much humidity can lead to a variety of issues for your loft plus family. To ensure that your loft has the right level of humidity, more so during the weeks that have the windows closed, carry out some easy visual tests, or use your hydrometer to test the relative humidity of your loft accurately. To test humidity in your indoor space, start by choosing between a mechanical or electronic hygrometer. While a mechanical one responds to your home’s humidity levels if left in one position out of drafts plus sunlight, an electric hygrometer utilizes batteries. It has a liquid crystal display plus a plastic case, prepare your mechanical hygrometer for calibration by decreasing the pointer, however an electronic one does not require this adjustment! Mix ¼ cup tap water plus ½ cup table salt in a container until the salt dissolves. Put your mechanical hygrometer plus your solution inside a plastic bin out of direct sunshine in an section void of drafts; Leave them in the sealed bin for 8 to 12 hours, then check your hygrometer’s dial to see if the pointer is at 69%. If not, take note of the variance between 69% plus its studying. Then Adjust your hygrometer to 69% if it’s adjustable, using the knob or screw adjustment. You will need to follow your manufacturer’s guidelines to use your electronic hygrometer, then check the setting on your hygrometer to asparticular the relative humidity of your home.


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