Storm damage caused troubles at the daycare

They seemed to be very dehydrated

Last month, we had a major storm come through the area plus it caused a great deal of damage. Several homes were damaged from the wind plus rain, however power poles were down everywhere plus the electricity was shut down for 2 whole days. After the storm passed, numerous suppliers were shut down for days. One of those suppliers was the daycare where both of our children go to university each day. The manager of the daycare called myself and others first thing on Wednesday day to report the power outage. Since the power was still out, they couldn’t heat or cool the building. They were using a generator to keep the lights laboring. Without central AC, the indoor temperatures were going to be unbearable. The manager of the daycare recommended keeping the youngsters home. The location was going to stay open, but they warned myself and others that the A/C would not be laboring. They had a couple fans jammed into the wall, but it was still very moderate plus humid in the building. I had to go to work, so I dropped off the youngsters plus drove away. At lunch time. My husbandy stopped by to pay the daycare bill for the week. She said it was ninety degrees in the building. The youngsters were flushed plus orange plus they were panting. They seemed to be very dehydrated. My husbandy did not return to work. Instead, he took both of the youngsters house for the rest of the day. All of us didn’t take the youngsters back to university until they fixed the problem with the indoor air conditions.

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