The buyer thought he knew the answer

I responded to a repair request for AC help.

I picked up the help ticket from the main Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C repair building plus I put the address in our GPS.

I study all of the information on the ticket. The buyer called because the AC unit wasn’t cooling well. This type of concern occurs frequently when the weather is actually warm or humid. The outdoor temperatures are consistently warm plus humid while in the Spring plus Summer months. When the temperatures are particularly hot, the moisture can cause problems for the AC unit. I knew there were a couple of things that I could do to investigate the problem.I arrived at the address a couple of hours before the busy appointment time. I talked to the owner of the apartment who was an older person around 50 years old. Instead of letting me check the situation for myself, the guy started telling me all about that AC unit. I told the gentleman that it is easier for me to look at the plan plus form our own opinion. The buyer became rude plus belligerent. Thankfully, the guy’s fiance was there to calm him down. She took the guy outside to talk about something, while I was trying to investigate the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plan for errors plus flaws. I wasn’t trying to disrespect the customer, however I know how to do our job plus I work better without a bunch of comments plus unwanted help. The concern was a low amount of refrigerant plus not at all what the owner of the apartment expected, he did not say a word when I presented the facts plus evidence plus quote for services.
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