Heating and A/C scammers have been in our village

Heating and A/C scammers have been in our city for the last couple of weeks and so I have been on the lookout.

I found out through one of our local city websites that people have been going around pretending to be Heating and A/C professionals in our village.

At first, I thought it was unusual that people would go around pretending to be Heating and A/C professionals, even though I think it only makes sense since the weather is cooling off now. When the weather starts cooling down outside,everyone’s thoughts beginning turning to the gas furnaces inside of their homes. I think it is really a perfect opening to take luck of someone if you’re trying to scam them out of cash. These Heating and A/C scammers are going around offering free gas furnace tune ups to people if they sign up and spend money for correct preventative maintenance. Then they take the cash and just run away with it. They do not ever do a free gas furnace tune up, nor are they planning to ever come and do any preventative maintenance on the Heating and A/C systems. The whole thing is just a scam. It makes myself and others sad that this kind of thing happens on a correct basis because I think care about everyone should just be honest. I think I will just stick with my correct local Heating and A/C contractor to do all of my gas furnace service this year. I will really stick with them from here on out, too, just to be on the safe side. I believe I might go and talk to my neighbors on my street just to make sure that they do not fall prey to this type of thing.


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