My dad used to repair things in my condo for me

My dad used to repair things in my condo for myself and others back when I was living by myself.

This was back before my hubby and I got married and so I didn’t have anyone to help myself and others do things around the house.

My dad was consistently really fine at fixing things, and so back before I got married, I barely ever had to spend money to get anything fixed! My dad would repair everything for myself and others at my cabin and he knew how to repair cars too, then let myself and others tell you, my dad is a really great guy to have around. He knows just about everything. He is a entirely smart guy, that’s for sure. Well, my hubby is a really smart guy too, however he is smart in weird ways than my dad. My hubby does not really know how to repair anything at all around the house! For instance, Last weekwe needed to change the air filter in our Heating and A/C system and he had no plan how to do it. When I told him that the two of us needed to change the air filter, he just looked at myself and others care about I was asking him to do some rocket science or something. He had no plan what to do. He did not even know how to take that outdated air filter out of the Heating and A/C system! I ended up doing it myself, because my dad showed myself and others how to do things care about that when I was growing up. I believe I might end up asking my dad to give my hubby a few lessons on things care about that because I think care about the guy should know how to do things around the house.



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