It was the cutest thing when my child was upset about the monster in the wall

The moment our child came into this world, I was filled with prefer in my heart.

  • I knew that I had to protect this baby with my life and make sure she had everything she ever needed.

This is why I had the Heating and A/C supplier send an Heating and A/C supplier out to install a quality media air cleaner. I realized that our baby had to have the best air quality. I also invested in a bunch of HEPA air filters even though they were severely extravagant. My partner said I might be overdoing it, however I said that nothing was too fantastic for our baby. It was funny when she started talking and she was scared when the Heating and A/C plan would turn on! She told myself and others she thought there was a dragon inside of the wall. She said she put her ear to the wall and she could hear it breathing. She was afraid it was going to cut out of the wall and gobble her up. This was so funny that I couldn’t help however laugh. She thought I was laughing that she might get eaten, however I had to explain that I laughed because it was just so absurd, however after explaining to her what the word crazy meant, I then told her how the Heating and A/C plan worked. She seemed skeptical at first because she was pretty sure there was a dragon in there. I couldn’t convince her that dragons aren’t real, however I was able to show her how the Heating and A/C plan worked. I turned everything off and then had her adjust the thermostat. I said when she did this, the plan would engage and she would hear what she thought was breathing. She started laughing when she adjusted the thermostat and it worked. She couldn’t assume it!


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