The Heating plus A/C worker is good, although he has a drastic attitude problem

I’m not genuinely sure what to do right now about our Heating plus A/C system.

I mean, I’m genuinely ecstatic with the services that I am getting.

I’m getting a fantastic deal to have all the Heating plus A/C idea repair covered in our home, however the Heating plus A/C professional who regularly comes out has a drastic attitude. It’s like this guy doesn’t like people at all. He doesn’t ever want to talk to myself and others and he actually doesn’t want to answer any questions. He always says to leave him to his work and he gets agitated when I ask him anything. I just want to guess how our Heating plus A/C idea is doing and he tells myself and others that he would let myself and others guess if there were any problems. He’s right too, he has told myself and others about a few things and parts that were wearing out, although he always keeps it short and easy. He always seems pained anytime he sees myself and others too, like he’s just waiting for myself and others to ask a dumb question and he’ll be ready to yell at myself and others for not knowing something like what the MERV rating is for air filters. I actually did ask him that once when he said I needed to use better air filters with a higher MERV rating. He got mad when I asked that. He said he saw I had a computer and I could go look it up myself instead of making him waste his breath. I can’t genuinely fault him for anything, only his attitude. He does excellent work and he knows his stuff. I have been tempted to ask the Heating plus A/C corporation to send somebody else out, however I’m not sure that I would get somebody better than this guy.



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