Getting a new HVAC

And he also made sure that it would fit the volume of our house and our ductwork

Replacing most of the appliances in my house was not something that I was all that excited about. My wife on the other hand, she was thrilled. That wonderful woman had been waiting years to get these household upgrades. She did all the research and new exactly what she wanted when it came to all those new appliances. It was up to me to do the research on the one appliance that I was assigned. And that was the HVAC system. When we bought our home, we bought into a place that was new but was part of a plan. So we didn’t actually build it or have a say in what the appliances would be. My wife went along with the idea because the price was so good. However, I promised her down the road that we would upgrade the appliances as they aged. Well, it’s been almost 15 years and we still love the house so the upgrades are on. The HVAC system was not the best just like all of the other appliances. It did okay but it was definitely not the top quality unit. However, I made sure that it was maintained on an annual basis. This helped keep the repairs to a minimum. But, like the other appliances, it was not built for the long haul. I got some help from an HVAC contractor. He was instrumental in helping me pick the right model for our needs. And he also made sure that it would fit the volume of our house and our ductwork. It’s pretty amazing to have all this new stuff, it almost feels like we got a new house without having to move.


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