I Found the Answer to my Heating Dilemma; The Lottery!

All of your long lost “friends” and relatives end up reconnecting with you again “just to say hi”

This was my friend’s solution to retirement back when I was younger and it just sounds so ridiculous. I know it’s not the answer, however it’s nice to dream. Actually, in all honesty, I would NOT want to win the lottery in the end because I know that 85% of the people who won it ended up worse off than before the win. They were either bankrupt, dead, or in prison after numerous years of winning the cash. I couldn’t imagine getting 285 million dollars in a single day after working at a heating and air conditioning company for $75 a day. It sounds just like a dream, however it ends up being a bad nightmare. Your freedom is gone and your life gets absolutely hectic and complicated. That does not sound enjoy a dream to me. The local contractor that sold the winning 1.7 billion dollar ticket was swamped afterwards by people thinking they could win again from buying there. I am happy with my job working for the local contractor and not having my phone ring non stop with solicitors looking to take some of my cash. All of your long lost “friends” and relatives end up reconnecting with you again “just to say hi”. My heating and air conditioning rep told myself and others that you end up with a lot more stress and die younger after winning that kind of cash. I know you’re saying “yeah, whatever, I’ll still take the cash”, however what happens after you have everything you want and still feel hollow inside? You would genuinely find a way to try and fill that emptiness with awful habits I’m sure. Keep your job working for the local contractor and just enjoy life, it doesn’t get any better.



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Is Electric Heating Cheaper Than Air Conditioning?

Well, I just looked on Google for the answer and it isn’t so promising.

It said that heating a beach house uses about five times the amount that cooling uses so it looks like my power bills will go even higher.

I need to find another solution because the winters here can be brutally cold. Maybe I’ll just have to wear more clothes in the beach house and grin and bear it because there is no way I can afford heating bills of $2400 over numerous weeks. I don’t know how people are going to survive the winter when their incomes are barely enough to pay the rent. I will go and talk with the heating and cooling provider near my flat for some answers, however the people I was with and I still have a couple of weeks till the cold season is upon us. I may have to let my cats sleep with me in the evening so we all can all stay sizzling warm this winter. I know they don’t mind because they have a fur coat on that acts as a nice (and cheap) heating device. I will do some research online and look for ways to save cash this winter with heating the house. This locale is absolutely well insulated so I won’t have to heat it too much to get some comfort. Maybe radiant heated floors would be cheaper than using the main heating and air conditioning unit to warm the flat, however I’m not sure that they would heat it up enough here. Maybe I’ll just sleep in the sun next to my sizable sliding glass door.

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Just Tried to Sleep however my Mind Wouldn’t Allow It

My mind really loves to keep me awake with incessant thinking about things that make no sense at all.

I was going over the different kinds of ball sports in my mind and how they use the body to move the ball.

That was the important thing of utmost significance that I had to know about while trying to get some much needed rest last night and I know it’ll have to wait again till tonight. I may have to run the AC tonight when I sleep because last evening was fruitless with the heat in my room. The complication I am having is that my power bills are so high when the air conditioner is running that it keeps myself and others awake just thinking about the cash flying out the window. Or maybe it’s flying in the window, however it isn’t staying in my pocket. My heating and air conditioning rep told us to just buy a small portable AC device for a couple hundred bucks and cool the room that way. The only issue is I have a window that slides left and right and there will be an immense gap above the AC device if I try to fit it in there. Maybe the local contractor has a solution that would work with my kind of window. There must be an answer. I tried closing the vents in the other rooms in the evening, however my power bill is still really high. I know I should have gotten the zoned cooling and heating when I had the chance. The solution will find me and all will work out, so I’m not too worried.

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Need a Power Nap With Some Ice Cold AC

I know it was double of what it was a year ago while my paycheck was the same

I tried to sleep last evening – separate from any air conditioner in my study room – to no avail. I was trying to save cash with my energy consumption, however I ended up staying awake all evening from being way too warm. I need to come up with a new solution for this issue because I spent a lot of cash the past couple weeks with my crazy AC usage. I know my device isn’t so efficient and is using a lot of power to keep myself and others cool this hot summer. Tomorrow is October though, and the temps will be dropping pretty hastily, so I won’t be needing AC till next summer. I know the next couple of weeks will still warrant some kind of climate control in my room for sleeping though. Another option that I heard which saves cash is the dehumidifier. It removes the moisture from the air and makes it feel cooler in the home, however it won’t make it feel as cold as when you run the AC. I’ll give it a shot tonight and see how I sleep compared to last evening. I have a newer heating and air conditioning unit, but I did run the air conditioner an awful lot the past couple weeks. And this is why my electric bill was sky high yesterday when I opened it. I know it was double of what it was a year ago while my paycheck was the same. I will try to get another job at the heating and cooling corp near my flat as I am a certified heating and air conditioning rep and could use some extra cash.

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I Need Some Beach Therapy This week After my Power Bill Came

Occasionally, life gets a bit too heavy and that is when I head to the coast to look out at the sea to help me realize that none of these things matter in the huge scheme of things.

The local corporations which charge us more for goods and services are all feeling the crunch too.

All of these cash problems that seem too sizable suddenly shrink to almost nothing when I go to the beach and see the steady rolling waves and the gently floating clouds. I’ll just get some more minutes at the residential heating and air conditioning company and make more cash. Inflation has been around since the start of time and is consistently going to be a section of life, so we will all just need to adapt to it. We will all be gone in a short time and all of this stressing out over things that are not in our control in the first place, does not add up to much at all when you realize you will be separated from all of this in a blink. This week I will clean my heating and air conditioning unit and try to get it tuned up so that I use less power. But the main solution is going to be to run the AC less in the summer so that my power bills are lower. I know this global war going on is also making inflation rise faster than normal, so it is genuinely going to be just a temporary thing and it will settle down when the war stops. At least my electric heating unit is now working well as winter is coming soon. It’s all good.
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Looking for a Small Mini Split AC Unit for the Bedroom

I just mentioned my power bill that came in and how high it was.

  • I know I run the AC a lot in the house, especially in the evening for sleeping, and I am going to adapt to the high rates by cooling down only my study room in the evening time.

I’ll do this by getting a new small portable AC device and installing it in my window. I know I can get an absolutely reliable and small device that is ultra high efficiency and cools my room for a fraction of the power that the main device is using. Why cool the whole beach house all evening when you are only using a single small study room? That wasn’t too smart on my behalf, however I haven’t gotten a bill this high, even when I cooled the beach house down in the evening. The rates must have really jumped up this past billing stage and I will just adapt to the increase. I know a small ultra high efficiency device wouldn’t cost much to run in the evening while I sleep. I tried going apart from any AC last evening and I was awake most of the evening from being too hot. My room is small and heats up a lot when I sleep, however the nice thing is that it would also cool down nicely with a little window unit. There is this one mini split AC device that will cool down a small study room such as mine for just $30 a week. So, it looks as if I will go that route and see how it works. It should be enjoyable I’m sure.

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I Just got an Insanely High Power Bill This week

I know the electric rates went way up recently because my power bill is well over double what it was last year at this time.

I am going to have to really curb my air conditioner usage as I’ve been keeping it pretty cold here lately.

I’ll buy another fan, I suppose, and turn off the heating and air conditioning system. In the winter I will just wear more clothes and keep the heat usage to a minimum because I can’t afford another $650 bill. It’s almost as if I have a second rent payment due each week when the energy bills come in. I know the solution is for me to get another cool flatmate. I have a neighbor now working at the heating and cooling contractor who is looking for a room so I will maybe rent to her. She works early in the day and isn’t home till well into the evening, which is when I am at the beach playing ball, so we both won’t be in each other’s way much in the flat. I know she does heating and air conditioning equipment replacement and repair at the local business, and from what I’ve heard she is really good at the work. Well, it all works out so I’m not worried about any of this cash stuff. Money consistently comes in when I need it so it’s all good. I work selling uncommon heating and air conditioning brands online and I may just try to drum up some more work to help cover the cost of the increase in these utility bills. It’s not as if inflation is something foreign to us all.

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Back to the Grind With Some Air Duct Cleaning

I’ve been off work for the past ten weeks, that is, until today when I go back and work on some air ducts for customers in their homes.

It is now summer and the weather is absolutely tepid, and today I am going to be working in an attic cleaning the ducts and vents. I will drink numerous gallons of water while I work in the attic all day. I was thinking about really doing the work in the evening time, however the people will be home sleeping and I would genuinely keep them awake all evening. It’s just that the attic will be cool in the evening and it would be a lot more comfortable working that way, however I wouldn’t be able to see absolutely well in the dark attic. I’ll just take some breaks and come down to the office of the beach house where they have a wall device to keep it cool. I can chill out there for a little while and cool down before going back into the attic to clean more ducts. The bigger worry for myself and others is the insulation and how it makes my skin itch if it touches me. I will wear a full sweatsuit to keep it off of myself, however that is also going to make me really hot. There is no way to win when cleaning the heating and air conditioning air duct I guess, so I am going to just have to grin and bear it for a little while. I know I can get the job done in a single day though, so it won’t be forever.

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Can’t Wait for my Chicken Noodle Soup for Dinner

It genuinely doesn’t have noodles in it, however I may add some later when I heat it up.

I made it from scratch a week ago and froze it, and now it is time to reap the rewards.

I enjoy eating a couple slices of bread and butter with the chicken soup, as it reminds myself and others of how mom used to make it. And speaking of mom, I need to give her a call and have a chat as it has been a few weeks since I last talked to her. I’m overseas now so I am many hours ahead. But, heating and air conditioning equipment service is first on my list before calling mom because my central heating and air conditioning unit isn’t working well now and I need to get it fixed. I’m waiting for the service guy to come from the contractor and then I’ll get him going and call mom. It’s only 9:15am in the states and she is genuinely just waking up so I’ll give her another minute or two before calling, or I may just wait and call her when I get back from the beach later. Mom was working for this heating corp up until about two years ago when she retired. I did learn something from her about the field and I do a little heating and air conditioning work myself, however I don’t work on central heating and air conditioning systems. This is why I am having the heating and air conditioning tech come here to help me. I am more of a paperwork guy when it comes to work at the local business. I hear the guy buzzing at my door now so I will see ya later.


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Looking for a New Washable HEPA Filter at the Local Business

This week is a quiet one in our neighborhood as a lot of people have emptied out of here recently.

We do have a horror film festival coming up in a week or so, and that will bring in some tourists, however it won’t be anything like the summer weeks when mobs of people come here to stay for the season.

The streets are so full in the summertime that I can hardly ride my bike to the beach. But, now the streets are barren once again and all is well in our world. I have to go to the cool local contractor today and see if they got my washable HEPA filter in yet. I had to order one from them and they said it should be arriving today, so once I finish my dinner I am going to take the six minute trek there and see if it came in yet. My heating and air conditioning unit has an unusual size filter so that is why I had to order it. It lasted me a few years and I ordered five filters this time so that when I take the dirty filter out to clean it I can just pop in the other clean filter. My funny heating and air conditioning rep told me how to clean it the right way so that it lasts a long time. I am hitting the park later to meet some friends for a yoga session followed by a picnic, and then some enjoyable time in the sun. The heat has left our area and now it is absolutely enjoyable outside in the daytime.


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