Long day and I’m exhausted

I spent all day outside.

As a roofer I am in all sorts of weather conditions. It’s exhausting work. I’m up at the crack of dawn and sometimes not back home till the sun sets. I work a lot during the summer and less during the winters so I usually take winters off and relax and spend much needed time with family and friends. I am far away from that break though. Currently it’s mid July and it’s been crazy hot out. I have a nice tan going on and I’d fit right in with the people that live in the south. I have my own “man cave” in which I placed a portable A/C unit in it. My family doesn’t appreciate the air conditioning as much as I do. I can’t blame them though. They don’t spend hours in the heat. I need and want it cold in my room. The air quality is perfect. The rest of the house is set to 67 degrees but it’s not cool enough for me. The little unit is pumping air out at 61 degrees. I only spend a little time in this room catching up on a TV show right before the wife finishes up dinner. When dinner is finished I spend the rest of the evening with the family. We talked about our day and my wife asked if I scheduled a HVAC specialist to do the heating maintenance. I know I don’t want to hear that but it is going to be colder soon and we need to make sure everything is up in working order. Just thinking about it makes me dizzy.



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If I was trapped on an island

I’m really thinking hard on this one

I love scenario based questions. My daughter brought me this question because we love to laugh and think of things. What would I want if I was trapped on an island for the rest of my life? I get 5 things to choose from. If a shipwrecked on it do I get to those things as well? The sunshine would be beautiful but is that one of my 5 things? So many questions and so many things I would want. I can say much more than 5 for sure. I told my daughter she would be one of them so I have 4 more things. A robot to make our food and do all the work. If I’m going to be on an island I really want to enjoy that life. I have to prepare for hot and cold days and nights as well. Weirdly I say a portable space heater. I can cool off in the water at any time so I don’t want to waste one of my last 2 things. What if that space heater breaks and have no one to fix it? What about electricity?!?!?!? My last 2 things I say to my daughter is some sort of electricity so I can use the space heater and a HVAC specialist. I guess there will be someone else with us now. I take that back, the robot can fix the portable space heater if it breaks. The robot will be our heating specialist. So I still have one thing left. I’m really thinking hard on this one. I guess the last thing would be our cat because he is family.

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The first Christmas after the heat pump installation

We had been very busy with Thanksgiving and working that we completely forgot to schedule an appointment with the HVAC professional to do the heater maintenance.

If they had done the tune-up, they would have realized the system had significant faults and advised us to replace it because it broke down a week after the holidays.

I was woken up one morning by the chilly air in the house. While still dazed from sleep and cold, I discovered my smart thermostat had also gone off. I needed help with indoor comfort and fast. Fortunately, the heating companies operate 24 hours every day. They booked an appointment for the following day. When the heating technician had finished assessing the unit, he declared that the unit was done and could no longer function. They referred me to a heating business famous for dealing in affordable units. The company also has heating dealers all over the city that deal with quality systems that provide whole-home heating. I purchased a heat pump and scheduled the heat pump installation for later that day. I was not spending another night in the cold house. It would be Christmas in a few days, and I was glad my unit acted up before the professionals closed for the holidays. The specialists knew more about heating and advised me on operating my new unit and its benefits. There was also an application I would use to book repair appointments. The heating industry has gone through incredible transformations over the years. By the time Christmas rolled in, I had new heating, and the quality of indoor comfort had significantly increased. We did get the Christmas cheer and spirit. I invited my family over for dinner, and we enjoyed playing in the snow and then coming in to warm up.
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The fantastic new heating at my favorite salon

I am very particular about the type of hair salon and professional I use, and finding a salon with the right professional is challenging. I stuck with it when I saw a salon I liked, and it is near my house. As much as it is near my home, the walk to the salon is sometimes a lot to handle. With the wind and snow hitting my face on my way to the salon, I would get soaked when I arrived. The salon does have a heating unit, but it is less efficient than the heat pump I have in my home. To keep it functioning optimally, I have the heating technician come for heater maintenance at least twice every year and repairs as soon as anything goes wrong. I was visiting my family upstate for Thanksgiving and wanted my hair done, so I went to the salon for a hairdo. When I got there, I immediately noticed the high-quality indoor comfort. They had acquired new heating and had an HVAC professional similar to the one I use. The heat pump installation occurred a few weeks before my appointment. I don’t know more about heating, but I could tell they had improved their whole home heating, which helped with indoor comfort. My hairdresser said they got the unit from a heating dealer downtown and had a discount, so they also bought a smart thermostat. She told me how vast the heating industry was and that the heating companies were all competing to sell as many customers tend to replace their systems during winter. The heating business seems to be very lucrative around this season. I enjoyed the indoor comfort in the salon that day more than I enjoyed getting my hair fixed.


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I use my fan as a portable cooling machine

I probably look pretty weird carrying a gigantic fan around with me.

The reason is because it is in the middle of summer, and my air conditioning unit died last night.

There is no way that I could actually go without cooling during the summer heat. Here, it is very common for the temperatures to go into over one hundred. Since I don’t have a portable air conditioner yet, I am using my fan as a cooling machine. I want to buy a portable A/C device in the future, but for now I am using my box fan as a cooling device. I keep the ceiling fans on and my box fan on, and my home stays mostly cool because of it. Even though my home is staying cool, I know that it won’t last for long. As the temperature rises outside, my home is going to keep heating up, and my fans can only do so much. I really need to have my central air conditioning system back to working again. I called a local air conditioning company, and they have me on their list for a scheduled appointment, but since they are so busy right now, the appointment is not for another 2 weeks! I only hope that my fans will continue to hold and cool my home while I wait for the cooling system to be repaired. Eventually I would like to get a portable air conditioner, but I need to wait until I get paid before I can afford something like that.

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I wanted to try heated flooring

Ever since I had heard of heated flooring, I always wanted to try it.

The concept sounded so cool, and I was so amazed at how far technology, including HVAC technology, had come.

I never thought of a heating method for using the floor, it really was a great idea. However, we had a great central heating system, and since we didn’t always have a lot of money, there was no way we could spend it on getting something we really didn’t need. So even though I always wanted to try radiant heated flooring, I didn’t think I would ever get the chance to. I actually did get lucky enough to try heated flooring though, when our hotel room had it. When my husband and I stayed briefly at a hotel, we didn’t know of this additional heating method. So imagine my delight when I felt the radiant heated flooring. I was super excited! It was not hard at all for me to get cozy on the floor. I sat cross legged in front of the TV with a hot drink and enjoyed myself. After getting to experience what the heated flooring felt like, I knew it was definitely something I wanted in my future, when we had more money. I was actually quite sad when we had to leave the hotel, the heating system was so luxurious, and I wanted one of my own. But most likely, I will just have to settle for the central heating and air conditioning component.
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Growing plants indoors is hard without proper ventilation

One of my earliest memories from early childhood was helping my mother in our vegetable garden in the backyard.

  • I planted zucchini seeds and watched with bewildered amazement as they began to sprout two weeks later.

We eventually widened the garden and added watermelons, pumpkins, and a flower patch. I loved learning all about agriculture and gardening while experiencing the fruits of our labor when it was time to harvest in the autumn. My mom told me to keep my expectations tempered when we started the project, but I was already excited by the result when we had our first batch of watermelons. They were really sweet and delicious! These days I don’t live in an environment that is hospitable to plants, so I had to make a greenhouse for my backyard to protect my plants from the intense UV rays. Unfortunately, this greenhouse can get extremely hot in the summer without good ventilation. I use fans to push air in from outside to keep the temperatures a little cooler inside. It’s not a huge change in the temperature, but at least the air isn’t stagnant inside. I can’t imagine ever going so far as using an air conditioner in my greenhouse because the energy costs would be enormous. But at least with the fans, we have a nice breeze that moves into the greenhouse on one end and it is able to exit on the other end. The plants definitely seem to be growing better with the change in ventilation. Without the fans running, some of my plants were wilting from the sheer amount of heat inside the greenhouse.
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Thinking about artificial intelligence and HVAC

When I was a kid, we had vastly different technology than what’s used by most people today.

Our phones alone were worlds apart from what is common right now, as most of the people I know have gravitated to smartphones without landlines at home.

Back in my early childhood, we had a single landline and a dial phone connected to it. It wasn’t until I reached high school age when my parents finally purchased a cordless landline phone for our house. These days I rarely see any kind of landline phones when I visit the homes of both friends and family members. I think most of us have switched to cell phone plans and end up forgoing the added expense of having a house phone as well. But phones are the only household fixtures that have evolved in the past few decades. Thermostats, the control systems for indoor HVAC, are vastly different now than they were in the 1990s for instance. We have these amazing smart thermostats that connect to the internet and can regulate your heating and cooling cycles without any of your direct involvement if that’s what you want. Or you can let it learn your habits and temperature preferences before putting it on an auto mode where the thermostat’s artificial intelligence creates a personalized cycle. When I was a kid, we had dial thermostats that had low temperatures on one end and high temperatures on the other. It’s staggering for me to think about these technological advancements in the world of HVAC temperature control. I love my new smart thermostat.


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I want to experience good HVAC if I'm going to travel

When it became unbelievably expensive to travel both locally and around the country, I decided that I wouldn’t spend the money unless the trip made it worth the expense. That means comfortable travel, luxurious accommodations, and ultimate relaxation. If it means roughing it in a tent on land in a state park, there’s no sense in leaving the state because I can do that in any number of different similar locations in the immediate area. I did that a lot in college and quickly became sick of the entire experience. It’s one thing to do it when you’re trying to travel across another continent cheaply and without running out of cash before you’re due to fly back home. But now I want to enjoy the vacations more on a physical level since I’ve been to a lot of these locations before. I go skiing in the mountains, relaxing on a beach towel in the tropics, or trekking through a tall pine forest after a few hours in front of a cozy fireplace. If I’m going to venture out into the greater world, there’s no reason I can’t do it in comfort. A large part of that is having access to good indoor heating and cooling. A fireplace is great for winter holidays, but an air conditioner is equally important if I’m in a beach villa and I need to cool off after a few hours in the sun. I look for accommodations that have good reviews of HVAC systems or other forms of indoor heating and cooling. My wife is always thankful because she is equally frustrated by staying in hotels with poor air conditioners or furnaces inside.



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Some AC filters are terrible about restricting airflow

My doctor diagnosed me with asthma after I had a reaction during cleaning the attic one afternoon.

  • He went through my history after listening to my lungs and decided that asthma would account for all of the symptoms I had been experiencing on and off over the years.

Originally he told me to use this inhaler whenever I experienced issues, but then he prescribed me nasal spray as well to help clear my sinuses. It helps if I’m ever having issues with my sinuses along with my respiratory system. I am happy to say that I only suffered from poor asthma symptoms a handful of times throughout my childhood, but things began to worsen in my 20s. I was quickly struggling to catch my breath during long shopping trips in the mall or after going up a flight or two of stairs. It’s hard nowadays to exist in a building with poor indoor air quality because of the immense effect it has on my ability to breathe normally. I am coughing just to catch my breath. That’s why I started using the strong air conditioner filters that are supposed to catch everything from dust to viral particles. Unfortunately, some of these air conditioner filters are so dense that they restrict air flow. Air flow restriction puts wear and tear on your air conditioner’s fan motor, along with raising your energy bills as the machine needs more of it to produce the same cooling effect. You have to be careful that your special allergen filter isn’t bad about restricting air flow in your HVAC system or you could end up with an entirely different problem on your hands.


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