Dinner and a nice fireplace fire

Today I am going to get my dinner made early so that I can come home after the sunset and be ready to eat.

I am making chicken slow roasted with onions, tomatoes, and green bell pepper.

I cook it slowly on the stovetop for a couple of hours, along with some fresh rosemary and spices, and serve it over some steamed basmati rice with a little bit of soy sauce on top. It is a tasty meal and is healthy too, and my roommate and I will enjoy it while we watch a fire in the fireplace. Sure I could skip the fire and just turn on the central heating system, but that would take away from the cozy warmth and flames that the fire gives us, while also saving us some money on our power bills. I have been staying in this flat for three years this month and plan on staying another three years till I move into a rooftop flat near the coast for my 60th birthday. I will get a flat with a good central HVAC system, like we have in this flat also, and a nice stone fireplace so I can keep doing my fires each week. When the summer comes with all of its heat, the fires will go on the backburner till winter rolls around again. I don’t like doing fires in the summertime because the heat from it is too much and it defeats the purpose of the air conditioner. I’m okay with no fires in the summer because most of my time is spent at the beach.


Geo heat pump

Six energy saving tips for you

2023 is going to be a good year afterall, especially with my investments and income.

It looks like I will have another income stream soon from playing gigs, which is going to pay my rent each month and ease my money worries.

I haven’t had too many money issues, but it got a bit squirrely late last year when I dumped all my money into a tanking stock. But now it looks like that tanking stock is going to finally start moving up for a change. It’s been going down for almost two years now and my HVAC specialist friend and I may finally be able to work less at the HVAC business. We both have been working a lot helping customers save money on their power bills. A few ways we told people about saving money includes; using the HVAC system less, wearing more clothes indoors in the winter, running a small space heater instead of the main heating system, and a few other ways. A lot of the people told us that their power bills have been cut by as much as 40% using the methods we explained. Some of them got ceiling fans for the summer and are using their air conditioning systems less now and are saving money that way too. There are a lot of ways to save money with power bills, you just have to think outside of the box a bit and you can find many ways to trim down the costs of heating and cooling your homes and offices. We hope this helps you a bit.


Whole home air purification

Going to the home services store today

It is really cold in my office as I write.

My fingers and hands are really cold and I may need some heat soon or I won’t be able to type too fast.

This morning my shares are up 11% from the good news last night at the shareholders meeting. It looks like we are finally going to begin production in four weeks and it should finally take off after a year or so of tumbling. This company started in 2014, for the manufacturing of electric vehicles, and only now after nine long years will they finally begin production. Heating and cooling system issues slowed down the start date, but now the HVAC techs finally got it fixed and they are going to be making some money. I have 10K shares and if it hits its target price of $10 at some point then I will be a happy camper. I like the fact that the HVAC systems in the cars are good for the environment, as the air conditioner in the car is a new system that doesn’t emit any greenhouse gasses. March is going to be a good month for the stock I believe, and it should keep getting better from there as they sell cars and make some cash. I like the newer HVAC technology and how efficient it has become over the years with the heating and cooling using very little energy compared to long ago. I guess time will tell what is going to happen with this company, but I have a feeling it is going to be good from here.


Air conditioner tune-up

Ready for some natural climate control

Nothing beats being able to ride just your bike each day to get around town.

This is something I couldn’t do while living in the States and I really like the fact that I don’t have to drive anymore.

I think it is going to add some years onto my life not having to sit in a car for 100 hours each month. Instead, I am riding my bike around town and getting fresh air and exercise each day. I probably need to walk more though, because I usually ride my bike everywhere. Most of the local businesses are a five minute walk from my flat, including the heating and cooling supplier store where I work part time each week. I bet that I could ride my bike anywhere in town here within about ten minutes max. The cooling dealer has a sale next week on a/c systems and I am going to walk down there with my dolly and see if I can buy a small mini split a/c unit for my bedroom. I want one of those units that fits in the window so I can cool down my room without running the main HVAC system. They sell a really efficient one for a few hundred bucks and I may buy it so that I can save on my power bills each month. I just got a power bill for the heating of my flat over the past two months and it actually wasn’t that bad, just a bit over $150. So maybe the small a/c unit won’t make a big difference after all.

boiler installation

Hungry for breakfast at the local business

Some people call it breakfast here, but eating a croissant and a cup of coffee is more of a treat for me.

They have these mini chocolate croissants here in the bakery, three for a dollar, and they taste so good it is tough to stop at three.

I only have them about once every four or five months because they put weight on you very quickly if you eat them too often. I see some people eating them every single morning when they stop in for coffee, but if I did that I would be big like a commercial air conditioning system in a mall. I had the same problem when living in the big city near here with the pizza slices, but they tasted so good and were so easy to eat that they became a problem for me. The local business would sell a slice for $1 and you could sit in air conditioned luxury while you ate your slice in peace. I haven’t had much pizza at all anymore after moving from that city, and it is a good thing because I was gaining a lot of weight from the slices. I do a lot of a/c repair nowadays for some of the local businesses, and it keeps me on my feet a lot, which also keeps the weight off of me. The more I walk and move around the lighter I get, so I am going to keep moving till the day I die haha. Okay, time to buy a HEPA filter and change the thing.

heating business

Time to tune up the air conditioning system

I will write one more of these articles and then head out on my bike.

I think today we may play some music on the street near the beach for a couple of hours.

There is not much going on in this town yet as the weather is still cold and the streets are quite empty. It will be another two months till people start filing into town again for the summer months. We are going to be playing a lot of music this summer in clubs and bars and it should be a great time. My HVAC dealership where I work is going to be giving me more HVAC systems work and ductwork installation jobs. I should be making good money between this job and my music gigs, and I am going to buy some more of this stock that I am holding as it is pretty low still. I can go to the local business and get my tooth fixed too, which I hurt by dropping a heat pump I was trying to install a few months ago. I think I may have cracked the tooth at the base, but I just don’t have any money to get it fixed just yet. I was working on a heating system with my HVAC tech coworker and the electric heat pump slipped out of my hands and hit me in the face. My lip was cut and swollen for about a week after the accident, but now it is just the tooth that still hurts some. My HVAC expert friend felt very bad, but it wasn’t her fault at all.

More info here

A long day of zone control work

I am going to keep pounding out these stories for another 45 minutes and then take a little break.

I was sleeping the whole night with a song of ours going through my mind like it does most nights.

They say it takes 10,000 hours to perfect a craft, so if you count my ten hours of subliminal work each night, along with the five hours of musical work each day, I should hit that target in no time. Let’s do that math; 15 hours a day would take how many days to reach 10,000 hours? 666. Zone control is on the slate today though, so I need to drop the math and get my HVAC tools in order to get this job done. But 666 days is less than two years, so fame is right around the corner, right? Haha, like my HVAC provider said, fame is not going to make you happy and will only complicate your life. I agree with her and don’t care about fame, but rather I just want to get my good songs out for the world to hear. Maybe a new HVAC system could be purchased if our songs are a hit and I wouldn’t have to do my own zone control work anymore. I don’t care about a big house or an expensive sports car because I had both of those and still wasn’t happy. Maybe an HVAC installation of a new heating and cooling system would be my first purchase, but other than that I really don’t want anything else.



HEPA filter

Ten in the morning with air con running already

Today is an exciting day because like I said, we are doing a pilot test of our best song to see how people like it.

We will get 10K plays over the next few days and I want to see what kind of response we get from everyone.

If the song is a flop then I guess it will be back to the drawing board to figure out how we can improve on it. The song is quite simple so maybe people will find it dull and childlike, but I really don’t know because I’m too attached to it. Heating up outside today already at 10am is telling me that the air conditioning days will be here very soon, a time when my HVAC system will be running all day to cool down my flat. I like the warm weather and all of the people it brings to our town, along with a ton of fun volleyball games and music, so the summer is something to look forward to. My HVAC system is going to need a tuneup soon so that it runs efficiently and the air con is not on the whole day cooling down my flat. I will make an appointment with one of the companies in town and get the thing checked out before the real heat comes in. I think the local business near me has good prices on HVAC system labor, so I will call them today and get something set up. My wife is busy working all day so I will get this done for us.



a/c serviceman

Looking for air conditioner service today

Today is Friday and I have quite a busy day with my online work, yoga student, and music jam this evening.

I should have all of my online work done within about three hours or so and then I will meet up with my yogi down the street for a 30 minute session. After that I will meet up with my bandmate, pack up all of our sound equipment, and head out to find a good spot to play music for the night. The best spot is this corner behind the church, but sometimes it is taken by this local contractor who also plays music in a band of HVAC workers. If they are there then we will opt for our second choice, which is this pier next to a busy beach where the cops won’t bother us for playing loudly. This local business next to the pier usually has a crowd of people who watch us and sing along, which is nice because it helps with heating up the band so we play better. The people really give you a boost of energy when they are engaged and singing along, so hopefully there will be a big group of people at the place. They have air conditioning in the bar, but we like to play on the pier where there is natural climate control from the really nice sea breeze that cuts across the pier from the sea. We will play there for 2 hours until our voices can no longer sing and then we’ll call it a day. Have a good one and clean that a/c filter.

furnace/heater tune-up

Working part time in the heating and cooling industry

I am working away just like all of the other days in my life for the past 40 years.

Wow, it’s a wonder I am getting tired of working all of the time after 40 years in the game.

It is actually more like 42 years because I started working part time when I was 14 years old when I got into the restaurant work as a busboy and salad prep worker. I think I am good for a few more years before hanging up my HVAC worker hat, as I only work part time again for the heating supplier and could do so for the rest of my life if I wanted. I will have some money each month when I turn 62 and start collecting some SS benefits, but my HVAC expert friend said don’t count on that money. I think it will be fine and that I will get the $1000 a month like they say I will, but I guess we have to wait a few more years to really know the truth. I don’t think working on space heaters and cooling technology when I am an old man would be a bad thing, afterall it is pretty easy for me to do after so many years in the HVAC system field. I could just work ten hours a week or so and make enough to pay for most of my bills if I am living overseas here where it’s cheaper. The heating provider pays me well and I could just do some heating maintenance each week and be someone’s assistant helper.


Working part time in the heating and cooling industry