Why choosing PVC fencing is practical and affordable

I caught the real estate bug years ago before the bubble popped during the 2008 financial crisis.

Back then you could make a killing in the south selling homes near the ocean, regardless of the citys being in flood plains or adjacent to interstate highways.

But when the economy fell apart, multiple of us had to get smart about our jobs plus take on different jobs to make ends meet. I finally started working as a real estate consultant for our friend’s development dealer. Once the housing market started to reclaim, I dipped our toes back in slowly by purchasing a loft that I knew I could flip with little investments on our part. My sibling is a carpenter plus handyman so I hire him at his normal rates to help with interior renovations if they’re ever needed. However, I was trained by a landscaping artist years ago when I was finally working directly for a big landscaping dealer. They did everything from commercial plus residential landscaping to vinyl, PVC, plus chain link fence replacement. With this knowledge under our belt, it isn’t difficult for myself and others to transform the yard into a loft that I’m trying to flip. I throw down sod, clean out weeds from seasoned flower beds, root some new plants, plus choosing a fencing material to install. For the sake of simplicity, I like to use PVC fencing. It looks really nice from the road, it’s easier for myself and others to install without help from another person, plus it’s occasionally cheaper than other options. Since it already comeswhite, you never have to paint it in the first place or even repaint it in the future.
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Making friends at the gym

I had some trouble meeting new friends once I moved to a new city. My job options were limited in the local area where I grew up. Although I graduated from college with honors, I still couldn’t find a job position in the nearby area. I didn’t want to commute too far for work, and I wasn’t willing to work in retail for the rest of my life. When I finally got hired for my current job, I was a little reluctant to move south. I’d never been to that particular area before. I knew absolutely no one. Fortunately, I found an apartment in a safe community. It didn’t take long to feel isolated and lonely. I had no one to eat dinner with, go out for coffee with or see a movie. My job doesn’t provide much interaction with people my own age. I finally decided to sign up for a gym membership. I figured this would get me out of the house, give me something to do and improve my health. I also hoped to meet people. I joined every type of group fitness class that fit into my schedule. I sometimes took a spin class on Saturday morning and headed to yoga in the afternoon. I tried HIIt, circuit training, pilates and boot training. I started talking to people in class. I started getting familiar with the people who were always at the gym at the same time as me. We’d chat while riding the stationary bikes or preparing for the group classes. I made sure to mention that I was new in town and on my own. Everyone has been super nice. I’ve managed to make quite a few friends through my gym membership. I have also gotten into terrific physical shape.

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Needing help to lose weight

For most of life I struggled with being overweight. I was not happy with my appearance. I worried about my health and future quality of life. It was very difficult to make changes to my lifestyle. My parents, aunts, uncles and siblings are all overweight. I’ve never participated in any organized sports. I had no idea how to exercise or diet. The eating habits of my family are horrible. There was always fast food, sugary snacks and processed foods available. We ate lots of pizza, McDonalds and KFC. As an adult, I realized that I needed professional help to make improvements. I started online. I looked into the different gyms and fitness centers in my local area. I came across a health and wellness center that sounded different. Instead of just a room full of equipment, they offer personal training, group fitness classes and nutritional counselling. That is what I needed. I was looking for guidance, support and to be held accountable. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. While I was a little intimidated at first, the people at the health and wellness center were just wonderful. I completed an in-depth consultation and then they customized a meal plan and workout plan to fit my specific needs and goals. It hasn’t been easy. Every pound I’ve lost has been through hard work and determination. However, I now feel like a different person. It’s been two years and I am setting new goals for myself. I’ve lost weight and gained strength and muscle tone. I’ve increased stamina and confidence.


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I burn a tremendous amount of calories and am always sweaty and exhausted at the end

There are a lot of opportunities for onlines services. When I wanted to take guitar lessons, I found an online source. I can take lessons in the privacy of my own home. This arrangement worked really well. I had so many teachers to choose from that I was able to easily accommodate my schedule. The guitar teacher has been an excellent fit for me. I am happy with his teaching style. I realized there are a lot of services available online. From mental health coaching to cooking tutorials, it’s just a click of the mouse away. Even though the instructor is not in the same room, I can interact with them as if they are. I reached out to a number of virtual personal trainers that I came across on social media pages. I was thrilled to see so many options. Even with my limited budget and tight schedule, I was able to find a personal trainer that felt right to me. Using a virtual program has made it much easier to achieve my fitness goals. I simply don’t have the time to drive to a gym. The nearest fitness center is almost an hour away. I’ve invested in workout equipment for a home gym but wasn’t really sure how to go about best utilizing it. I never pushed myself as hard as the personal trainer does. There’s no slacking off or quitting. I get a full hour of high intensity instruction. I burn a tremendous amount of calories and am always sweaty and exhausted at the end. I’ve seen rapid results and major improvement. The online personal training has been wonderful for me.

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Why I went back to the gym after quarantine

At the beginning of the pandemic, we watched businesses of all kinds get shut down, in order to slow the spread of COVID.

Restaurants, retail stores, and barber shops all ceased to exist for several months, but the business shutting down that hit me the hardest was when my gym closed.

I used to go to the gym every day, it was a big part of my life. When they reopened, many of my friends decided to cancel their gym memberships, and start exercising elsewhere. While I do enjoy yoga classes in the park, and group runs with my friends outside, I still really love the gym, so when the gym was open again, I went right back. One reason I love gyms so much is because I love my personal trainer. My personal trainer is incredibly motivating, and helps to provide some accountability for me, so there is someone who calls or texts me when I play hooky from the gym. My personal trainer is responsible for much of the progress I made from going to the gym for so long, and my personal trainer also taught me many of my favorite workouts. Another thing I missed from the gym was the sauna. Saunas are so good for so many reasons, but most of all I just think it feels amazing to sit in the sauna for a little while after my workout. Trying to steam up my shower enough at home to replicate the sauna just doesn’t cut it for me. Most importantly, however, I trust that the staff at my gym are taking precautions to keep my gym clean and safe.

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The importance of diet for weight loss

At the beginning of quarantine, I put on about 20 pounds.

Since all the gyms had closed, I wasn’t able to lift weights like I used to. I started taking walks around my neighborhood to get some exercise in, and then I started adding in squats and push ups every day, but I wasn’t losing weight. I even bought some workout videos online, and those workouts helped a little bit, but I was still struggling to burn off the fat that I had put on. I was starting to get really frustrated, when I realized that for three months, my fiance and I were pretty much exclusively eating from takeout apps, and we weren’t making the healthiest choices. When it comes to losing weight, there are so many different opinions out there, so many magic remedies and trendy diets, but the truth is, the only thing that makes you lose weight is by burning more calories in a day than you take in. That’s it. If you eat two thousand calories in one day, and burn off two thousand and ten calories that day, you lose weight. Not much, in this instance, but you will. You can incorporate all of the activity and exercise you want, but if you consume more calories than you burn, you will not lose weight. With takeout, it’s really easy to overdo it on the calories, so I changed up my eating habits, I still tried to get in at least some exercise every day, but by not eating takeout every day, I was able to lose the extra quarantine weight in time for Summer ‘21!

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How Quarantine helped cultivate my yoga habit

I have been lifting weights for years.

  • I loved everything about lifting weights, from the feeling of a pump, to the way I looked, and even just being in the gym with my buddies in the locker room or my personal trainer.

However, when lockdown began, and all of the gyms closed, I had to find another way to get an effective workout. I have a few dumbbells at home, but I honestly wasn’t feeling it, and I wasn’t getting the intensity that I was used to. One day, after a Tiger King binge, I decided I had to get up and move my body, and I saw on instagram that one of my friends was about to start streaming a zoom yoga class. During the workout, I felt kind of awkward and uncomfortable, but I felt so great afterward. My muscles were stretched and pumped, and I was dripping in sweat. Before I knew it, I had been doing yoga every day for months. I had lost some muscle mass, but I had also lost a lot of the extra fat that I was carrying. Once a lot of people became cavinated, I decided to get back in the gym and lift some weights again. After doing yoga for so long I feel like my entire range of motion was brand new, and I was working muscles that I never have before. While I do enjoy lifting weights, I don’t do it as often as I used to, because I don’t like being sore for yoga. The combination of weightlifting and yoga has left me feeling better than ever, as well as helped me cultivate an exercise habit that I actually enjoy.

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Super indoor air quality thanks to air purifier

The icky gross air that I have had to deal with for so long is mercifully no longer.

All it took was asking for help in the right place.

And that right place was the HVAC company. The adding a whole home air purification system to the HVAC equipment was not a big deal in the least. The HVAC company simply put this smallish box inside the air handler of the HVAC and that was that. From there, it’s been nothing but perfectly fresh smelling air, no allergies and breathing the best air possible. This is the result of having air purification in your home. And for us, it was worth every penny. Granted, air purification can get a bit pricey. The mobile air purifiers were pretty expensive and we really didn’t like the idea of having it sit in middle of the room. So it just made sense to completely commit to air purification and upgrade to the whole home air purification system. However, if that doesn’t fit your budget, there are still thing that can really improve your indoor air quality. Perhaps start with an HVAC air filter upgrade. Using a HEPA filter instead of the cheap air filters will make a marked improvement in the indoor air quality. The HEPA filter traps and removes over 99 percent of all airborne contaminants. And it’s an expense that doesn’t require as big a commitment as air purification tends to. Either way, better indoor air quality will really improve your life. You’ll breathe better. Your immune response will be able to get stronger as well since it won’t be battling the constant attacks from airborne contaminants.

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Finding places that offer prepared meals

My husband and I planned this trip for our kids for the past month, and when we finally announced to our kids that we were going to an amusement park, they were thrilled! The next day was a mess as we all packed our bags and got ready for the trip.

We loaded our suitcases in the car and started the drive towards the park.

Our first day was great and the kids had a blast, and so was the second day as well. Well after the first couple of days, it was time to travel to the next place, which was a waterpark resort. The resort was quite a ways away, so it took a 5 hour drive to actually reach there. By then, the kids were antsy, and we let them have their fun at the park. By the time everyone was done, we were all exhausted. At the same time, we were also all hungry, and the kids were already beginning to complain. None of us wanted to go out and get food, so that left one other option, prepared meals. So my husband and I started looking at prepared meal delivery services. There was a local food delivery place not that far off from us, and they delivered from a wide variety of restaurants. The kids wanted to order breakfast sandwiches online, even though it was night time. Meanwhile my husband and I wanted to order wraps online. After we made our order, the meal delivery service had our food out within 20 minutes, and we were impressed with their speed and accuracy. After that, we enjoyed the rest of our trip.


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I got a new customer discount at local meal delivery

I had a bad feeling when I started hearing the thunder from my office.

Where I live, what follows thunder is an intense amount of rain and lightning. I always hated it when it would rain, because it always seems to target the evening, which is when I get off work. Then I have to drive through the pouring rain and try not to startle everytime the lightning cracks nearby. The worst though is the rain because I can barely see through and it makes it so hard to drive. I always worry about crashing, especially since even though I am being careful, that doesn’t mean everyone else will be. Today was another one of those days, and the traffic was really bad, due to the intense rain. We probably weren’t moving any faster than 10 miles per hour. After 30 minutes of being stuck in traffic, I finally made it home, and I collapsed on my couch to rest. My stomach growled and I realized I was hungry, but there was no way I was going out in that mess again. I was pretty much all out of food, so all that left was local food delivery. I looked online and saw many appetizing things to eat, but the main thing that caught my attention was the chicken meal. So I decided to order chicken meals online, and have the lunch delivery service. After the restaurant had the prepared meals, they would give it to the driver and it would be delivered to me. It took close to an hour thanks to the rain but eventually the dinner delivery services guy was here.

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