The basement has no climate control

Converting the basement into a rec room was a wild idea I had been kicking around for years.

When COVID hit I was homebound for weeks on end, and decided to put my crazy idea into practice.

I say it was crazy because I know almost nothing about home renovation. I was a novice, and my only experience came from watching Youtube videos of people doing their own home renovations. Since I had the time I wanted to give it a try. My first issue was with the air conditioning. I had never spent more than a few minutes at a time in the basement, so the lack of A/C vents never occurred to me. Now that I wanted to be down here for long periods of time I would need a climate control system for it. There is a large, old furnace in the corner of the basement, so there will never be a problem when it comes to heating. The A/C unit is located upstairs, and there is no ductwork connecting it to the basement. Thanks to the furnace this area is often very muggy and warm, so if I want to spend any amount of time having fun down here I will need an efficient cooling unit. I shopped around and found a few small, ductless mini-split A/C units, but the basement is very large so I may need to buy two of them. It won’t be cheap, but if I want this rec room to be any good, I will need air conditioning.
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I finally got to use the fireplace

It took almost an entire year, but finally I got to use my brick fireplace! I live so far down south that sometimes a whole year will go by with no cold weather at all.

Our winters tend to be very short and mild, which is why so many “snowbird” senior citizens flock here in the winter months.

I bought this house partially because it had a beautiful brick fireplace in the sunken living room. Call it silly if you must, but this is something I have always wanted. I lived here for 11 months before we got our first cold snap, and you better believe I got that fireplace blazing every single night the temps were low. I turned off the central heating system, and then cracked a window to let in a breeze. The fireplace catches so much faster if there is a crossbreeze to feed the flames. After a couple hours I noticed how cold the rest of the house was. The fireplace kept the entire room toasty and warm, but had no effect on the bedrooms or bathrooms. I had to turn the furnace back on, because I was too cold to go pee! The following few nights I built a fire every evening, but this time I left the furnace on, just for the side rooms. I know it seems silly to run the furnace while using the fireplace and having a window open, but so what? I won’t get to use the fireplace for another year, so I want to enjoy it while I can.


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The job security of being HVAC certified

When my wife got a major promotion at work, she tearfully told me that we would have to move across the country.

I gave her a big hug and congratulated her.

We both work, but my wife is fantastically successful in the business world and I am more of a blue-collar guy. I would miss a couple of my good friends, but I had no problem moving to a new city. Because I am certified at HVAC service and repair, I knew that no matter where we went I could find a great new job in a matter of days. This is one of the many benefits in this line of work, because fixing an air conditioner in one place is the same as fixing it in another. My HVAC certification transfers with me no matter where I go, like a college degree. After we moved, I managed to get several great job leads on my first day looking! I visited three different local HVAC contractors and explained that I was new to the area, but I had my certification and six years of experience in the field. All three of these HVAC contractors asked me to come in for a formal interview. Even if I don’t get a permanent full-time gig as an HVAC tech, one of them will certainly have some freelance work for me. This is another benefit to being HVAC certified, because now these contractors have the option to subcontract me, and pay me per job, instead of putting me on salary. I love being an HVAC tech!

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When camping became glamping I was game

I have been divorced for quite a number of years, and one of the things that my husband would always talk about doing while we were married was going camping.

I am not really all that interested in going camping. Most of the women I know do not want to go camping. We like to have things that make our lives comfortable such as blow dryers for the hair, toilets for the business, and heating and cooling. I am a big fan of having a bathroom and air conditioning, for example. I do live in the Southeast, so I do not find having a heating system as important as having a good working air conditioner. These days, though, the heating and cooling come together as one operational unit, so I always have both when I need them. Well, not long ago, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go camping. I looked at this person like he was from another planet and said, “ do you know me at all?” Well, it turned out, he does know me. He knows me better than my husband did! How do I know? Because he explained to me that camping has come a long way, and it is now known as glamping. Glamping means glamorous camping. You basically go to a campground or state park, and there is a glamping selection that has either cabins or fancy tents. Whether you choose to get the 10th or the cabin, you are going to get air conditioning In the summer and a furnace to use in the winter. You might even get a gorgeous fireplace. There might be a chandelier hanging over the bed. There might be a refrigerator with steaks and champagne supplied in it. All of these things are amazing and wonderful, but nothing is as good as having air conditioning and heating! I have discovered that when I learned about glamping and its awesome Heating and Cooling methods, suddenly camping became for me.

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Getting a ductless air conditioner

When I was looking to replace my central air conditioner, I discovered a ductless air conditioner when I went for a consultation at the air conditioning business.

I had my climate control system for fifteen years and considered replacing it. The system had become inefficient, and it seemed as though I was constantly dealing with one a/c repair after another. I sort the help of an air conditioning professional. They all recommended a ductless air conditioning install. My previous HVAC was consuming so much energy while trying to provide whole home heating and cooling, so being efficient, I opted for this quality HVAC equipment. Like my previous system, this one also requires regular a/c service. This unit’s most significant advantage is that it doesn’t depend on vents or ducts like the other units. Most techs will prefer working on this unit to others since they do not have any ductwork. My trip to the air conditioning company was more fruitful than I had anticipated. I even had the opportunity to learn about different air conditioning filters. The a/c repairman in charge of the installation was also the one who had installed my previous system. Now and then, he was the one who responded to my a/c care calls. The other thing they added to the a/c setup was a digital thermostat that proved more accurate. The system is quiet, cost-effective, more efficient, and lasts longer. I have been able to pay it back with the financial assistance provided by the company. I love it so much that I organized to install it at my parents’ home.


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A quality air conditioner

My brother had always wanted to open a restaurant for as long as I could remember.

  • Growing up, my parents noticed that my brother was interested in cooking.

They enrolled him in culinary school after he finished high school. He worked all around the world and with some of the most renowned chefs in the industry. After years of learning from the best, one day, he announced that he was opening his restaurant during dinner. He approached me and asked if I could use my skills as an a/c repairman to provide quality indoor comfort in the restaurant. I have been in the air conditioning business since my brother left high school. He explained that he had gotten a venue, and the renovations were underway. A central air conditioner would be ideal from the research I carried out on the building. The air conditioning company was running a sale, and I took full advantage to get a state-of-the-art climate control device. I mobilized my team of air conditioning professionals to help with the air conditioner installation. We had to wait for the renovations to fit the new quality HVAC equipment. We got an ideal location for the air conditioning install. As the air conditioning business’s rules dictate, we advise the customer on the importance of a/c service. I gave the maintenance manager a booklet showing him how to schedule a/c care and the number to call in case of an a/c repair. Taking him through how to operate the digital thermostat took very little time. We used the best air conditioning filter. The restaurant opened three months later, and we were all there to support my brother. He had finally achieved his long-life dream, and we were here to experience it.

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Discovering a mold situation during a/c service

Since then, I have taken a/c care seriously and replaced the air conditioning filter as often as necessary

When the central air conditioner started making unusual noises, I called the air conditioning business and booked an appointment with the a/c repairman. I had several ideas about what was wrong with the a/c setup but decided to let the HVAC techs do what they do best. I had had recurrent flu infections that had started worrying me. The flu infections began after returning from my spring trip abroad. The air conditioning install had become so inefficient that my bedroom felt hot and stuffy. My nights got very uncomfortable that I had to invest in a portable fan to enhance indoor comfort. The air conditioning installation was nine years old, so I knew I was dealing with something other than an old system. Since installation, I have only had the air conditioning professional come four times to do the a/c repair. The HVAC technician did the a/c service and discovered a mold growing in the attic. From the assessment, the professionals found that the mold started growing during winter. It had grown into the system, causing a blockage and restraining airflow. They cleaned all the mold from the walls and the system and restored the optimal condition of the quality air conditioner. The mold had also messed up the climate control device, so we got a new digital thermostat. Since they cleaned and treated the mold, I have noticed that the flu infections have reduced. Since then, I have taken a/c care seriously and replaced the air conditioning filter as often as necessary. I have since opted for a HEPA filter, which is more advanced in trapping particles and pathogens.

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Conducting a/c repair at a beautiful temple

I always pass this beautiful temple to the air conditioning company every morning. I always wanted to go inside and marvel at the beauty. I have never seen the interior but assumed it was as beautiful inside. I got lucky last week when we received a call from the temple that the central air conditioner had malfunctioned. They needed an a/c repairman to fix it before the weekend ceremony. We gathered our gear and tools and headed to the temple. I could not contain my excitement. The building is beautiful inside as it is outside. We were directed to the a/c setup and began the a/c repair. I discovered that the other team at the office had done the air conditioning install some years ago. One of the rooms had a portable air conditioner for a more personalized experience. I assigned the junior air conditioning professional the task of taking the customer through the important a/c care tips to maintain the proper condition of the equipment and when to replace the air conditioning filter. We had the HVAC provider deliver a new climate control device, the state-of-the-art digital thermostat. The manager at the temple saw how fascinated I was and offered to take me on a short tour. They later left a great review about our a/c service on the company website. They even joked about how we were all fascinated by the building’s beauty. In all the years I have worked in the air conditioning business, I had never been to such a beautifully finished building. My team enjoyed working at the temple and meeting all the fantastic staff.


Long day and I’m sleepy

All of us talked about our day plus my partner asked if I tied up a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C specialist to do the heating service

I spent all day outside. As a roofer I am in all sorts of weather conditions. It’s bad work. I’m up at the crack of dawn plus sometimes not back house till the sun sets. I work a lot while in the summer time plus less while in the winters so I usually take winters off plus relax plus spend much needed time with family plus friends. I am far away from that chop though. Currently it’s mid June plus it’s been crazy sizzling out. I have a nice tan going on plus I’d fit right in with the people that live in the south. I have my own “man cave” in which I sited a portable air conditioning component in it. My family doesn’t adore the air conditioning as much as I do. I can’t blame them though. They don’t spend hours in the heat. I need plus want it freezing in my room. The air quality is perfect. The rest of the condo is set to 67 degrees but it’s not cool enough for me. The little component is pumping air out at 61 degrees. I only spend a little time in this room catching up on a cable show right before the partner finishes up dinner. When dinner is finished I spend the rest of the night with the family. All of us talked about our day plus my partner asked if I tied up a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C specialist to do the heating service. I suppose I don’t want to hear that but it is going to be colder soon plus all of us need to make sure everything is up in toiling order. Just thinking about it makes me dizzy.

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Some people are too noisy

I really don’t like it when people are just unnecessarily loud! You know the kind of people who just make a racket, talk loud and it is all not needed, and this was the case when my neighbor was having some job done on their heating and air conditioning the other day.

The heat and air conditioning workers from the heating and air conditioning supplier that they hired were loud as hell! They were banging things and talking super loud, however really it was not needed.

The banging was not your respected heating and air conditioning job either. It was slamming things around in the heating and air conditioning truck, yelling across the way to each other and just generally being a bunch of annoying idiots. I entirely can not rest people like that. It was almost as if the heating and air conditioning workers from the heating and air conditioning supplier were doing it just to annoy the city. I wanted to go out there and say something, but these were really big guys and looked like the type that would beat the crap out of you just for looking at them the wrong way, then a real uncomfortable feeling, then when they were finally done now working on the heating and air conditioning I did but go over to my neighbor to see what they had to say about it. And they were one hundred and ten percent in agreement with me, but they needed their heating and air conditioning worked on so they put up with it the same way that I did.



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