If it weren’t for her, I’d probably be stuck working a dead end job

It’s crazy to think where I would be now if my wife never pushed me to do something better with my life as far as my career goes.

I was working at an HVAC warehouse for a long time.

I saw all the modern heating and cooling systems that were made available on the market and it was always interesting to learn about the newer technology that was more advanced and highly energy efficient. I even decided to have a UV air purification system installed in my home when I learned more about this advanced air filtration technology. Well, I knew so much about all types of HVAC systems but I wasn’t making a whole lot of money. On top of that, it wasn’t all that relaxing working in a warehouse where there is hardly any access to air conditioning and the heating is lacking too. It’s all about loading and unloading trucks and really working hard for hardly any money. My wife told me that with my knowledge of modern heating and cooling systems, I would likely make a fine HVAC repairman/installer. I thought about it and figured she was right. So I ended up going to school and earned my HVAC certification. Soon enough, I was out there working on different heating and cooling systems. Eventually, I became so good at this work that I decided I wanted to start my own HVAC supplier. I just wanted to have a huge warehouse filled with the latest and greatest HVAC technology and supply the public with quality HVAC. So far, my business has made me a fortune, and my wife and I are doing very well for ourselves.


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The new job has been so liberating for me

Working at many different jobs over the years, I have mostly felt miserable. It was basically impossible for me to find a job that I really enjoyed doing, that was until I finally discovered a legit work-from-home job. I think it was a matter of luck and desperation to be honest. The last job I was working at, the people there were making life miserable for me. I don’t know what it is really, but it seems like when some people get a taste of power, they feel self-important and say things have to be a certain way just because they can do that. At the last job, they wouldn’t even set the temperature control settings to a reasonable level. If you wanted to get any type of cooling, you had to bring a fan to your desk. It was awful working in cubicles as well, it just felt so bland and miserable. Basically you would be counting the minutes until you get to go back home and kick back with the air conditioning. So eventually I quit that job because the people there were too much for me and I went seeking a new job. I considered going back to school to maybe get an HVAC or plumbing certification, but I ended up finding a very nice work-from-home job that paid well. I suddenly was able to set up my own office at home. I also invested in a nicer HVAC system with HVAC zone control so I can crank the AC in my office as much as I want without seeing a massive spike in the energy bills. It’s so liberating!

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I went a long time without calling up any HVAC experts

If I had to tell you why I went so long without getting help from HVAC experts, it’s basically because I always wanted to save money.

I thought the prices the different local contractors charged were outrageous.

Of course, I have dealt with a struggling HVAC system since forever, yet I was always too stubborn to reach out for help. Well, eventually our daughter started dating a nice young man. When I learned he was an HVAC professional, I was surprised. I asked him questions like why did he want to get into the HVAC industry and did he make a good living. He said he made very good money and with this job, he was basically set for life. This was all good to hear because I knew if he and my daughter became serious, he could take good care of her. Well, eventually he asked if he could help me out. Evidently, my daughter told him I was stubborn and never reached out to the HVAC experts for the HVAC maintenance that was needed. He asked if he could check the HVAC and he wasn’t charging anything, just doing this as a favor. I agreed to let him help out, and he found so many issues. He taught me a lot and showed me how to repair everything and what parts needed to be replaced. By the time he was done helping, the HVAC system was running far more efficiently. After all that, I joked with the young man and said he had my blessing if he wanted to ask my daughter for her hand in marriage.

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I grabbed the wrong bag of parts

When our customers contact my HVAC maintenance service, the guy getting information asks a lot of questions.

The phone rep tries to find out the name of the guy making the call & their address, PC number, and e-mail address.

If there is an emergency, all of us need to have a way to get a hold of the customer. A few of our customers do not want to give us all of this information and that is perfectly fine. When all of us think about the repairs that need to be made a day ahead of time, the office staff prepares all of the parts the day ahead of time. The office staff works with the HVAC worker in the supply room. They can gather everything necessary for the work and location these items in a bag. The worker completes the work, picks up the bag of parts the day before they go to the work that is scheduled. I picked up a bag of parts for a ductless HVAC program repair gig. Unfortunately, I picked up the wrong bag of parts. I was supposed to collect a bag of parts for a client that had a last name that was almost identical to the bag that I collected. It was an honorable mistake that was rather easy to make. I did not notice the mistake until I got to that client and started to work on the ductless HVAC system. I knew as soon as I opened up the bag that I grabbed the HVAC parts for someone else’s work. There were O-rings for a boiler and I did not need anything such as that for this particular repair.

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I almost got attacked by a house cat

I got the door closed and locked and I went back to the office to speak with the manager.

I went to a new home complex to work on a heating pump problem. The manager was in the office when I got there, so I double checked with him and the leasing agent to be sure that there were no cats inside of the apartment. The manager looked at his paperwork and he confirmed that there were no cats or dogs listed on the lease. I have had some issues in the past with cats and dogs, so I regularly like to knock on the door even if there isn’t supposed to be anyone at home. Usually if there is a cat in there not listed on the lease, the cat or dog will begin barking at the sound of our voice and the knock on the door. I knocked on the door of the place and there was no sound at all. I turned the key actually gently and opened the door a small amount. I shouted again and announced myself as the heat pump maintenance worker. In a blur the door closed on our foot and I saw a large black lab kneeling right in front of me. The cat was snarling and snapping and he tried to bite our leg more than once. I got the door closed and locked and I went back to the office to speak with the manager. I told the man that the man in the new home had a cat. I gave the manager the new home number for the heat pump maintenance again and it turned out that they looked at the wrong file when they checked on the pet the first time. There was indeed a cat listed on the occupant’s lease. The error by the management team nearly cost me the use of our leg.

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I thought the call was for a tune-up

My boss sent me on a routine HVAC tune-up last Monday evening.

The routine tune-up was the first work on our late schedule. I had a consultation right after supper and I was also busy to help someone with a ductless AC repair. The first gig was way out in the countryside. I drove over to the address without calling ahead to tell him that I was on our way. When I arrived, he looked actually cheerful to see me. The customer told me that he I have been waiting all weekend for someone to maintain the AC unit. I asked the man if the concern occurred over the weekend. I thought all of us were there to do the tune-up. I did not realize that the call was a problem shooting and evaluation call. I contacted the office so they would think that I was going to be a lot longer than I anticipated. I did not mind the fact that the client wanted us to work on a maintenance job instead of a tune-up, however that was going to set me back in time and I had another client that expected me about 10 minutes later. The office contacted that client and assigned his to another guy after I realized that this AC maintenance was going to take several minutes. I never got to any other booked gigs that day. I was stuck at the customer’s new home all day legitimately working on the AC repair job. I was ready to crash by the time I got new home later that day. I actually could have used another pair of hands on the work, however I was there and I needed to make the best of the bad situation.



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The gas and oil furnace did not arrive as originally planned

I started using a brand new provider for all of the heating/AC parts and equipment.

The new company had solid reviews and their prices are 10% lower than the competitor I was using.

I was instantly intrigued by the new corporation, and then after studying the reviews, I was sold on switching to them. Everything went well the first couple of times that I made an order. All of the parts arrived and there was nothing missing from the order. Shipping was easy, pain-free, and free. Then I had a month with a few items missing from the order. There were no air filters shipped with the order. I had 6 boxes of HEPA air filters in numerous different sizes. There was also a gas oil furnace missing from the order and the gas and oil furnace was busy to be installed on the day that it was busy to arrive. When the gas and oil furnace did not arrive as planned, that was the first item that I noticed missing from the shipment. While I was on the PC with the distribution corporation, a single of our workers realized that the HEPA air filters were missing. I had a lot of words to say to the guy on the telephone. I felt disappointed after I hung up the PC. I knew it wasn’t that man’s fault, however I was totally aggravated and a little upset. I hated to contact the client to tell his that I did not have the gas and oil furnace and I could tell that he was disappointed by the sound of his voice. Even if all of us had the gas and oil furnace the next day, all of us still did not deliver on the promise to our client and neither did the distribution corporation.

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I wanted to make Max feel cheerful

When Max and I first talked about getting married, all of us discussed a lot of odd things, including the type of place that all of us wanted to live in, then there were only a couple of things that Max really wanted and a single 1 of those things was a fireplace… Unfortunately, there really aren’t a lot of places with fireplaces in this section of the country.

It’s not actually that cold in the winter; Max could not afford a large new home with a fireplace, however I still wanted him to have all of the things that he wanted; For an anniversary present, I surprised Max by having a brand new electric fireplace installed in our place.

I hired a business to install the electric fireplace right into the wall of our study room. It looks as if there is an actual fireplace built into the wall. There is even a mantle above the electric fireplace. It would be very difficult to tell that it is electric unless it was running; When our Max saw the fireplace, he legitimately enjoyed it, then he had no idea that I had a surprise. The new electric fireplace has a lot of odd settings that make it useful for all kinds of the year. For instance, there is 1 setting that allows us to run the fireplace without legitimately turning on the heat. Max gets the moderate glow and orange and yellow sparks without the heat, but then Max surprised me with an equally neat gift. She gave me a sonogram picture of a baby and told me I was finally going to be a Mom.

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It was supposed to start at nine

My bestie Max wanted myself and others to go see a film with her last Monday night, however I was on-call for the repair company for the Heating as well as Air Conditioning Contracting firm where I work.

Every weekend someone has to be on-call as well as available for emergency services.

It was my turn to take the weekend emergency calls. I told Max that I might have to leave in the middle of the film if anyone contacted me. Max still insisted that we go together to see the film. It was a prequel as well as the various of us saw the first one in the theater together. Max could not wait a couple more afternoons until I had a day off. She wanted to see the film on opening night. This film was supposed to start precisely at 9:00. Around 6:15, I got a iPhone call from one of our residential customers. The shopper got condo from work as well as there was no AC in his house. I took the name, address, as well as iPhone number for the customer. The address was fairly close to myself and others so I told the shopper it would take about an hour before I arrived. I told Max that I would do my best to get to the film. It took almost a half hour to repair the AC unit. By the time I arrived, it was 9:15. Thankfully, the film did not start on time due to a very long line of people waiting in the lobby. I did not receive another AC repair call until the following day.


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The cost of central AC repairs was nearly five grand

When my parents passed away, they left my sibling as well as I a condo by the lake.

The condo needed a ton of work, so my sibling Max did not entirely want to have anything to do with the venue. I met an elegant woman as well as we started dating. Pat thought it sounded care about a great method to go to the lake every weekend. When I told Pat that I had my own venue, she insisted that we work on the venue so we could use it. Pat and I spent the whole Summer making repairs as well as fixing up the venue so it looked great. Both of us continued dating through the Wintertime as well as Springtime as well as we were talking about getting married before the next Summer rolled around. One of the biggest complications in the lake condo was the lack of a central AC. The plan had been broken since the early 2000’s when my siblings as well as I were still going with our parents each weekend. The cost to repair the central AC was almost five grand, but Pat insisted that we make the repairs. I have to be honest. Those enhancements to the central AC entirely made the lake condo a lot more comfortable as well as inviting; A few weeks after we made the swings, I got a call from my sibling Max, however she told myself and others that she was going to bring her family up to the lake for Memorial Day weekend. I told Max that I already had plans with Pat as well as her adolescents as well as Max told myself and others that we could all make it work. I refuse to be bullied by Max after I spent thousands of dollars to repair up this venue for me.

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