New HVAC thermostat is awesome

I am excited to have some awesome new HVAC technology in my home.

But, I guess I’m about 5 years behind the curve if I am to be honest.

Still, I love the fact that managing the HVAC just got a whole lot easier thanks to this thermostat upgrade. And it’s a pretty big deal for me since I am always behind on technology. I have a hard enough time trying to just stay current in my job. However, the HVAC smart thermostat has been awesome. I have been quite pleased by how the smart thermostat has precisely managed our HVAC. We’ve had the HVAC thermostat for a few months now. The HVAC guy who put it in told me not to fool with it too much. He said it’s best to just let the thermostat learn our patterns. That was good enough for me. I mean their is a reason those techs are professionals. The results thus far are very impressive. When the house is empty during the day, the thermostat now allows the temperature inside the house to rise. This way the HVAC is having to work a whole lot less which is saving me a lot of HVAC energy that would otherwise be wasted. Yet, I have never come home to anything but a perfectly comfortable and cool house after work. It really is sort of freaky how tuned in the smart thermostat is to our behaviors. Regardless, I am loving the HVAC savings and not having to fool with the thermostat setting.
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