Airport experience challenges me to get a new HVAC system

I was heading to a different state to see my best friend.

It had been three years since we last saw each other at her wedding.

She had since become a mother of two beautiful young girls and I had been to see them because of work commitments. I got a promotion at work and it was impossible to sneak off as I used to. My workload increased, and the pay was much better, but I did not have as much as I did before. However, I made a promise to myself that I would take a few days this year to see Shirley and her family. They all looked forward to seeing me. I landed safely but had to wait a few hours before they could drive to the airport to pick me. I did not want to wake them up since I arrived in the middle of the night. I decided to wait around and take my breakfast at one of the airport restaurants. What amazed me was how comfortable and warm it was inside the airport. It felt as though I was somewhere on an exotic private tropical beach, basking in the warm sun without really letting the sun’s rays come hard on me. This feeling was unique and I remember saying to myself that I could get cozy with such conditions. It turns out that the air cindionign unit at the airport was top-notch. The management had invested in one of the recent HVAC technologies which adjusted automatically as the weather changed throughout the day. The system came with a Wi-Fi controlled thermostat that was locked. I wondered if there was a smaller version of such a unit because I wanted it in my house. I decided that this would be the next challenge my HVAC technician and I would be working on when I got back home.


Airport experience challenges me to get a new HVAC system

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