My young daughter’s experience is a wake up call

The doctor comforted me and gave me tips on how to be outdoors safely with Sarah

I had never paid any special attention to my kids as long as they were well fed, happy and playing. This was because I did not have any history or experience with any of them having medical challenges. This was until my last daughter’s life changing episode. I remember that incident and get emotional every time because I almost lost my daughter due to negligence. It was one afternoon while at the playground that she began to choke on something. For a moment I thought it was the ordinary sounds she made when she was happy since this had not happened once. However, I knew it was serious when a mom next to me shouted to me to take care of Sarah. Her eyes were turning and she seemed so helpless. I panicked and dropped the book I was reading and rushed to her aid. She had turned pale and was so frail to speak. I quickly picked her up and rushed to the car, heading to the hospital. I did not know what else to do and it turns out this was the best move. On getting to the hospital, the doctor in the emergency room quickly gave her a shot of something and she started to come around. She asked me if we had been outdoors and I explained that we had visited the park after so many months. She explained that Sarah had taken in too many allergens that weekend and she was not breathing properly. Apparently my daughter had an issue with her respiratory system and I didn’t even know about it. The doctor comforted me and gave me tips on how to be outdoors safely with Sarah. He assured me that it would go away when she got to a certain age. Our house was air conditioned and even had a purifying system that my husband had insisted on installing because he was just that kind of etra. This is what had protected my daughter all along and that is why it was difficult for me to know about the condition.

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