I still host the tea parties these days

This might sound strange to some people, but I still host tea parties for my loved ones who have passed away.

  • I have a few in my family who have died in recent years and we always carried on the tradition of having tea parties in our home.

We would always set the temperature control settings to a certain level and get the fire going in the fireplace. We would all have the tea brewing regularly while we would all enjoy our tea while chatting around the fireplace. I loved how my mother would bring little treats for everybody and my aunt would always manage to bring some alcohol. It was always a wonderful and memorable experience amongst my loved ones. Now, everybody in my circle has passed away which only leaves me. Instead of being depressed and stopping the tradition of celebrating with tea parties, I kept that tradition moving on. While I have done this on my own for numerous years, my grandkids have now reached the age where they are able to enjoy the tea parties. Perhaps it will be such a fantastic experience for them that they will carry on this marvelous family tradition with their own families one day. Whether they keep the tradition going or not, it’s still always a grand experience when you have a fireplace to relax in front of with loved ones. Eventually, I will have a ductless mini split installed in my home, to help me feel a little more comfortable. I can’t always split enough wood for the fireplace these days.

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