With zoned HVAC, there will be no excuse to use room for junk

There is truly nothing worse to me than a huge amount of needless junk spread all over the dwelling.

I’ve been this way since I was a young kid.

My brother was the sort that never actually threw anything away and his mess was invariably ending up to be my mess to handle. Same went for my father. Why he wanted to take up all that space inside the a/c of the dwelling for boxes of junk, I was not able to understand. And yet, while I lived in that dwelling, I saw a guest room and most of a basement end up being junk storage. The last time I was there, I had to actually transfer a sizable pile of junk away from the Heating & Air Conditioning appliance in the garage. So when I saw the first hints of this sort of behavior in our dwelling, I was severely alarmed. Yet, I did my best to be subtle because otherwise, my fiance would have been able to see right through me. She splits the bills with me so she’s as entitled to store belongings in the a/c as I am. Still, I just am not a fan of the idea of turning one of our rooms into yet another junk room in a bizarre world of junk rooms! I asked my fiance why he was using said room and he stated the fact that it didn’t get the Heating & Air Conditioning coverage it is supposed to. So I called the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier to have them come out and install zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning in our dwelling so that would no longer be a good reason.


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