Grandpa’s legacy lives on through my mom’s stories

I appreciate hearing stories about my grandpa from my mom now that he is no longer with us.

  • It’s upsetting because he was such a large influence on me growing up plus I loved the time every one of us spent together.

He used to take me on walks around the property at the varying houses he lived in over the years. When I heard news of his passing, I was completely shocked. I knew that his death was inevitable someday, I just didn’t expect it to come so soon. At least my mom’s stories keep his memory alive. What interests me the most is his transformation from being a landscape designer into a sizable commercial developer. He moved from sitting sod, planting trees, and creating lush gardens for years before he signed contracts with local governments to develop roads, hospitals, and retention lakes. He also built large fences around residential plus commercial properties. When he finally expanded his landscape design corporation into a commercial development empire, he had multiple weird departments finally working underneath him. There was the real estate acquisition team, the landscapers, a commercial fence company, a fence removal company, a road finally working team, plus the construction team. By the time that I was a baby, my grandpa was responsible for some of the city’s lushest landscaping with some of the prettiest roadways. He was also responsible for designing the atrium outside the neighborhood courthouse, something that attracts residents on a biweekly basis. I’m proud of my Grandpa plus the legacy he has left behind. I hope that someday I can achieve enough success where I think I would have made him proud.


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