Hiring a cleaner for sick mother

My mother had come down with a cold after her business trip.

It seemed she’d caught some bug as well as went to the hospital.

I traveled down to be with her as well as find out what was the problem. The docs ran some tests as well as said my mother had to spend a few days at the hospital. This was required to monitor her health as well as make sure the medication was doing its task. I went back to her house as well as got a few necessary items as well as made sure she was doing great, and afterwards, I traveled back to our condo because of work. I was a bit upset, so my boss gave myself and my wife a month off to take care of my mother. It took less time for the drugs to work, and mom got sent home from the hospital. However, she had to continue taking strong pills for some time. It made her dizzy, which meant mom wasn’t supposed to lift or do any tough jobs. I did most of the work but I had to get my mom a cleaning woman before going to town. I knew an agency in town that gave residential cleaning services. They had a ‘maid for hire’ sign outside their offices. I spoke to the woman in charge about getting a cleaning woman to clean for my mother until she got better. The arrangement with the cleaning maintenance was for 5 mornings every week. Mom was so thrilled to hear I’d found a good cleaning service since she wanted her home to remain neat. I called in a few days later, as well as told my mother the cleaning woman was from a great business.
Cleaning service

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