I now only visit certified gyms after a recent negative experience

You have to be careful working with people or businesses that are not certified.

My father was scammed by a new heating and cooling technician who was going door to door with his business cards.

Even though he only contracted the man for basic service and maintenance, he ended up severely damaging my father’s evaporator coil. When he called the man back to get him to fix the damage, the guy blocked my dad. I tried calling the man from a different line but he immediately hung up and blocked me after he realized who I was. This whole nightmare could have been avoided if my dad had simply asked to see the man’s license and certifications, because he had none. I thought that my dad’s suffering would be instructive for me moving into the future, but I found myself in a similar situation recently and did no better than my father given the circumstances. I was looking for a new gym to use every week after my favorite fitness center closed down. In my ignorance I had no idea that gyms had certifications and licenses like any other business with so much potential criminal liability if the facility isn’t maintained properly. The gym I chose had cheaper membership fees than any other fitness center in my city, which obviously should have been a red flag for me. I ended up hurting myself on a faulty treadmill and reached out to an attorney over the matter. That’s when I learned that it wasn’t even a certified gym to begin with.


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