Cross fit classes can be dangerous if taught by an inexperienced fitness coach

I love extreme sports and have since I was a child.

Back then my friends and I would build dirt ramps to jump with our bikes.

My family lived on a 20 acre plot of land in the midwest and we had plenty of space to explore and play in. By the time I reached middle school, I already had a dirt bike and an ATV all to myself. As much as I loved extreme sports, I learned fairly early on what the pain from the injuries is like. I broke both of my arms at separate times, as well as my femur and my collar bone. Between all of the falls and near misses with trees and other obstacles, I’m genuinely lucky to be alive. So even if I enjoy the adrenaline rush to this day, I’m much more careful with anything labeled “extreme” in the fitness world. I love weightlifting in general, but I wasn’t sure about cross fit and whether or not it would be a good fit for someone like myself. Although I had heard a few negative stories about cross fit, I have heard about people inadvertently injuring themselves doing yoga of all things. The deeper I looked, the more it seemed that the safeness of the practice depends heavily on a certified cross fit fitness expert teaching the class. Taking cross fit classes with inexperienced fitness coaches could put you in situations where you’re at risk of sustaining serious short term and long term injuries. Thankfully my fitness center down the street from my house has a highly rated cross fit trainer who does all of the cross fit classes at that location.

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