Corporate wellness program makes an improvement

I work in a large call center that covers everything from doctor’s offices emergency hours to tech support for privately owned businesses.

I began working here after my wife and I relocated to this area for her job.

While I still have made any friends here, I am happy with my new surroundings. Being in the mountains is something different. Taking the dog on a walk during the day no longer seems like a chore when the scenery is so beautiful. I just wish that my job lived up to the enjoyment of my environment. Some day, it can get really challenging. My shifts are filled with constant calls. It can get fairly hectic, especially when we answer medical related issues. Sometimes people call when they are faced with an emergency and we need to direct them to dial 911 right away. If they’re in a panic, they tend to reach out to their doctor’s office first because they don’t know what else to do. They need someone to tell them it’s OK to call 911. As a way to offset stress, our managers have implemented a corporate wellness program. This involved several steps. First, the company built an onsite fitness center for workers to use before and after shifts, or even during lunch breaks. We’re now allowed to take several additional breaks during the day and we’re encouraged to get up and walk around inside or outside of the building. This is done in shifts. We have time to complete a walking tour before another employee takes our place. I’m not sure how I got along before the new corporate wellness program. It has provided such a huge improvement to the workday. Everyone is in a better mood and more productive. There is less absenteeism and complaining about health related problems.


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