Opening a new gym in a small town

I never expected to live in a small town.

Because my parents are at an advanced age and struggling a bit, I have no option but to help out.

I enjoyed having a lot of friends and opportunities for activities in the city. I am lucky that I can easily stay in touch with people through the internet or texting. I am fortunate that my primary source of income comes from a job where I work remotely. I didn’t need to worry about quitting or taking a leave of absence when I moved to help my parents. While I was getting accustomed to my new surroundings, I saw that there weren’t many opportunities for jobs in services such as HVAC, auto mechanics, electricians, banks, and doctor’s offices. It seems that there is one of each type of business in the area, with no other competition. This is also the situation for fitness centers. I have access to only one, privately owned gym in the nearby vicinity. I have spoken to many of the locals and they are frustrated with the membership fees and insufficient amenities. Because of this, I applied for a business loan with the intention of starting up a new local gym. I wanted to offer better machines, classes and services. Networking via the internet and social media groups got my name out there. I managed to stir up quite a bit of interest for my grand opening. By the fourth month of running the fitness center, I was seeing steady foot traffic through the doors on a daily basis. There’s also been positive reviews on social media. I am now happy that I moved and thrilled with the progress of my new business venture.

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