Experts at the gym are helpful

Regular maintenance for essential systems is helpful to ensure safe operation.

An improperly installed central furnace can result in toxic carbon monoxide poisoning in the house.

For the sake of safety, efficiency, comfort and air quality, I only trust the installation and service of my furnace to fully licensed and certified HVAC technicians. I don’t risk the long-term performance of such an important system to anyone who is inexperienced. I feel the same way about my vehicle. I use only licensed and qualified mechanics to work on my car. My physical health requires the same type of care. I am a member at a local gym. The people who work at the gym are fully trained, licensed and certified. They are experienced and knowledgeable in their field. When I was given a tour of the gym, I was also shown how to properly utilize all of the equipment. There are always staff members available to assist and answer questions. If they notice someone using a weight lifting machine or dumbbells incorrectly, they will step in and offer guidance. When I sign up for the group fitness classes, I can trust that the instructor is proficient in the type of exercise offered. Whether the class is pilates, spin, yoga or circuit training, I expect a rewarding experience and don’t worry about getting hurt. Because of these experts, I’ve learned quite a bit and been able to elevate my fitness level. I’ve gained strength, stamina and flexibility while toning muscles and trimming fat. The help of the staff at the gym has been invaluable to me. They are also very encouraging and supportive.

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