This wasn’t the best place for everyone

Last week, I woke up to realize that our power had gone off.

I certainly knew the two of us had a storm through the evening, however it wasn’t poor enough when I checked the forecast that I should worry the two of us wouldn’t have any power this afternoon. Normally, this rapid loss of power wouldn’t bother me, however I had fifteen kiddos in my basement, getting ready to wake up for supper. I had a total electric home with nothing except some cold cereal for supper, since nothing worked. My child was the first to trudge all the way up the steps & ask what was for supper. When I told her cereal, she seemed to deflate instantly. She said she thought the two of us could go out for supper. I tried to explain that the entire pace was out of power & none of the eating establishments were open. When she grumbled & walked down again, I went online & looked for any eating establishment that would deliver. I found one nearby fast-food eating establishment that still had power. I called & asked if they had sandwich delivery available. It didn’t take long for their food delivery maintenance to show up at my family’s door. I had ordered several of each supper sandwich they had on the menu. I finally figured I could always freeze what they didn’t eat. The food delivery maintenance driver looked at me intensely when he handed over ten bags filled with forty sandwiches & another basket with fifty hash browns. He also dropped off twenty containers of chocolate milk. Thanks to the sandwich delivery service, I was a super mom again. I took a serious situation & even turned it into the best sleepover in history.

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