What is digital marketing?

When I screwed up so badly on my personal online marketing campaign, I wanted to go to the best. I typed several different keywords into the search box, and I kept coming up with digital marketing. I wanted to know what digital marketing is? The only part of digital marketing that pinpointed, was Social Media Marketing. I wanted to figure out what I was doing wrong. The first thing I knew I had done wrong was not including a telephone number, the name of the company or a website address. I thought I was maintaining my privacy and keeping a bunch of jerks from filling up my mailbox. I realized I should have been focusing on more than Facebook and Twitter. I didn’t think about LInked In, SnapChat, PInterest, or Instagram. To be honest, I didn’t even have accounts on most of them. I never thought anyone on SnapChat, Instagram, or Pinterest would be interested in HVAC. I learned that everyone was interested in HVAC because it involves their personal comfort. I also liked that digital marketing involved affiliate programs. I knew I should hire someone who could do the digital marketing for me. With all the information about SEO, affiliate programs, and social media marketing, I was lost. If I were to hire a digital marketing company, I would probably recoup the cost in less than a year, and then it would all be gravy. I got in touch with someone online and he offered to call me back. The conversation about digital marketing soon turned to my HVAC company. He started looking at my website and suggesting changes. He told me he would try to get some ideas for me within forty-eight hours. I am so excited.


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