She told me my ads were ineffectual.

My daughter is very savvy when it comes to computers and websites.

She was also familiar with HVAC since I had owned the local HVAC company since before she was born.

I asked her if she would look at my online ads and tell me what she thought. An hour later, she brought her laptop out to the kitchen and had me sit with her. She told me my ads were ineffectual and why. The first thing she told me I had to change was incorporating the name of the company, a website address, and a phone number, so people could contact me. She thought it would be best if there was a website that not only offered information about the company, but had a FAQs page, plus a page where people could sign up for information, or possibly to sign up as a customer. Then we had to attach a link to my ads that would take them directly to the sign up page. She wanted to attach the sign up to a list that would be sent to me, and the people would get an automatic thank you for signing up, plus a question about how they found the website. She said this change in web design would allow me to see how many people used ads, and how many just came across us on a search. I never realized how smart my daughter was. By the time midnight came around, she had totally changed around my website so my ads were no longer ineffectual. I gave her to go ahead to finish the ads portion of my ad digital ad campaign, with a promise to pay her.


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