Meal delivery saves time

When I first considered signing up for a meal delivery service, I was reluctant due to the cost.

I looked at the price I’d be paying every month and wasn’t sure it was worth it. Then I started adding up how much I was spending ordering take-out because I’m too busy to cook. I was grabbing pizza, subs and fast-food at least once per week. The cost to feed a family of five is considerable. Plus, my kids were basically eating garbage. That food has no nutritional value at all. I also spent a small fortune at the grocery store every week. It takes me twenty minutes to drive to the store, at least an hour to stop and then the commute back home. I’d then need to unload the car and put everything away. I had over two hours invested into every shopping trip. A lot of the perishable food would end up spoiling due to our hectic schedule. I wouldn’t get the time to cut up the watermelon, make the salad or remind the kids to eat the grapes. I’d just end up throwing them away. If I did prepare a meal, I was in such a rush that I’d often burn it. Afterward, I’d need to clean up the dishes. When I put it all into perspective, the meal delivery is very reasonable. It actually saves me a great deal of time, money and effort. It alleviates stress and ensures that my family eats nutritious meals. I can make our selections for meals online in a matter of minutes and set up a convenient time for the delivery to arrive. I then refrigerate the meals until it’s time to pop them into the oven. As the meal bakes, the house smells amazing. The food is delicious, and I have more free time to spend with my family.


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