Meal delivery for elderly in-laws

About six months ago, my mother-in-law suffered a stroke.

She spent some time in the hospital and then transitioned to the nursing home.

She had difficulty walking and speaking, and her thoughts were a bit muddled. It was especially hard on my father-in-law. The whole family was extremely thankful when my mother-in-law was finally released and allowed to go home. Although her recovery has been truly impressive, she has lost a bit of functionality. Physical rehabilitation has helped a great deal. She’s gone from a wheelchair to a walker and finally a cane that she rarely requires. Her speech is nearly 100%, and her mind is as sharp as ever. However, she and my father-in-law are in their eighties now and need some help around the house. One of the services that has been extremely beneficial is meal delivery. My mother-in-law was never a fan of cooking. She and my father-in-law typically went out for dinner nearly every evening. My mother-in-law was always the driver. We aren’t sure if she’ll ever be ready to get behind the wheel again. For now, it’s much safer and more convenient to have dinner delivered to them. Although my in-laws aren’t experts at navigating the internet, the interactive web site of the meal delivery service is super easy. They have no problem picking out the meals they want for the week. The menu offers enough variety that they both can find items they like. The meals are dropped off with instructions for preparation and usually require nothing more than baking in the oven. My in-laws both claim that the meals taste homemade. Their only complaint is that the portions are too big for them. They always have leftovers.

prepared meals

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