Trying to explain search engine optimization to newbies

In a strange way, the quarantine made my life better.

Not at first, of course! The first few weeks were harrowing, not only because I was afraid about what was going to happen next, but also because I lost my job and had no way to pay the bills.

The next few months got better, and although life didn’t improve at least it held steady long enough for me to formulate a plan for the future. Although my last job had let me go, I still had a valuable set of IT skills, so I started looking for freelance jobs. The biggest obstacle I had when finding SEO work was trying to explain to people what SEO was, and how important it could be to their business! It turns out that a lot of people who have business websites are not very tech savvy, and don’t understand search engine optimization at all. It has come up enough times that I have a pretty good way of explaining SEO to them. First I have them type in the key search term they want for their site, and where they rank in the results, and then I have them look up a similar business that has professional SEO for their site. This site is always on the first page of search results, so this gives me a concrete example of SEO at work. With that in mind, I can start to explain to them how they can start implementing search engine optimization techniques on their websites, and start to receive more traffic.

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