Don’t want to leave after HVAC upgrade

So I’ve been really eager to sell the house.

This is something that I’ve been experiencing for several years.

And there are some basic factors involved with this feeling. For one, the house is just too dang big for just my wife and I. The heating and cooling costs alone are just far too high for heating and cooling just two people, a dog and a cat. Plus, the kids are gone and this house was really their house in my mind. It’s just not the same here now that they have grown up and are starting their own lives. The fact that the real estate market is white hot in this region certainly got my attention as well. We went from hoping to make a modest profit at best to really getting paid when we sell this home. All of these factors came together in a way that my wife and I agreed it was time to pull the trigger on selling this house. Well now that we’ve done all the improvements the realtor suggested, I’m almost hesitant to move. The thing I’ve really fallen in love with is the new HVAC equipment and HVAC technology that is in this house now. The house now has zone controlled HVAC along with HVAC equipment with just about the hight SEER rating one can find in residential HVAC. Then there is the smart thermostat. This thing is just awesome. Not only does it save us money by managing the HVAC output so much better than I ever could, it does it on its own. Now that we have this perfect quality heating and air, I’m seriously reluctant to list the house.

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