HVAC maintenance is more of an investment in HVAC equipment

Residential HVAC doesn’t just take care of itself.

I don’t know about anyone else but I just don’t have thousands of dollars laying around to spend on new HVAC equipment. When I bought our current HVAC unit, it was with the thought in mind that it would work for at least a quarter of a century. And it would not only last but continue to be reliable, efficient and always produce quality heating and air. Thus far, that’s exactly what I am experiencing. I didn’t cheap out on the HVAC equipment I bought either. It came with plenty of the latest and greatest HVAC technology I could find in residential HVAC. The SEER rating alone is probably the highest I could have found. But just having great equipment is not the end of the equation when it comes to decades of quality heating and air. Nope, there is more to protecting that sort of investment and it comes in the form of HVAC service. There is no way that I would spend the money I did and not take it the extra step. As soon as our HVAC equipment was installed, I made sure that I called the HVAC company to sign up for the HVAC service plan. Residential HVAC doesn’t just take care of itself. HVAC equipment requires seasonal HVAC service. That means the HVAC technician is here in the fall for heating maintenance and back in the spring to do the air conditioner tune-up. I’m basically just investing in our HVAC equipment’s longevity by making sure that HVAC maintenance happens when it’s supposed to.

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