Air purification changes our home

There was a trifecta of winnings when the HVAC company installed our new whole home air purification system not too long ago.

In one move, we solved indoor air odor, indoor air pollution and providing an allergy free refuge for me. And I’m the one who was so reluctant to spend the money on a whole home air purification system. For sure, this sort of air purifier is on the expensive end of the scale. However, it’s absolutely worth the money. Had I spent one day with this sort of air purifier, there would have been zero resistance from me on putting in the whole home air purification system. Thankfully, my wife just really doesn’t like to take no for an answer. She just hated the smell in our house. For me, it wasn’t all that bad but then again some of the apartments I lived in were pretty rank. So perhaps I burned out that part of my nose. But my wife was right, the house did smell funky and the HVAC was just turning that odor over and over again. It barely dissipated and would just continually get added to. But the pandemic was the final tipping point. How am I going to say no to something that produces the best indoor air quality? That’s just not going to happen. So the HVAC company installed the whole home air purifier inside the air handler of the HVAC. It took all of maybe an hour for the HVAC technician to install. And then it took less than 24 hours to completely transform the air quality in our home.

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