So impressed with ductless heating and cooling

I remember when I first started seeing the ads for ductless heating and cooling.

Initially, I just couldn’t believe that something that compact and hanging on a wall could actually produce any sort of real quality heating and air.

So of course, based on this dumb perception, I completely discounted a whole new phase in residential HVAC. This stuck with me for a some time and I still didn’t see how ductless heat pumps could really be a viable alternative to something like a central air conditioning system. Again, I was just not getting it. The advances in HVAC technology were what allowed the ductless heat pump to do just what it said it could do. And still, I just couldn’t believe it. Well, seeing is believing as they say. And I see every single day that I was so totally and completely wrong when it came to ductless heat pumps. This is because I now have a ductless multi split system heating and cooling my home. That’s right, instead of replacing the old heat pump with another heat pump, we ran into a problem. That would be the fact that the ductwork just wouldn’t hold up any longer. The added expense and chaos of having all the ductwork in our home removed and replaced was a non starter. The HVAC contractor suggested the ductless multi split idea and of course I rejected it out of hand. Thankfully, he took me to a place that had it to show me just the level of quality heating and air that comes from ductless heat pumps.


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