It’s not okay when our kid gets in trouble

It was frustrating when the police came to our door with our daughter.

She was obviously at a large party drinking while she was underage.

Well, fortunately the police officers didn’t want to put her in jail as well as told us to make sure this never happened again. We had a stern talk with our kid to make sure she knew the risks of alcohol as well as how it wasn’t a wonderful thing to be partying like that. The two of us said it could also lead to other drugs as well as that was something we definitely couldn’t deal with. While we were being serious, all she could talk about was the uncomfortable temperature control settings in the police cruiser. She said those officers were basically cranking the A/C device so that she would not be comfortable in the back, like cruel as well as unrespected punishment. The two of us paused for a moment as well as I asked her if she was on drugs. She said she wasn’t but she might have been somewhat drunk! Oh, she was drunk alright as well as we made sure to ground her for a long time so that she would learn her lesson. I mean overall, our little one is a fantastic kid as well as she has aspirations of being a Heating as well as Air Conditioning device professional. She will never be successful in life though if she winds up in jail for doing foolish things like drinking as well as driving… Fortunately she was smart enough not to do something ridiculous like that, but we certainly don’t want to see it happen down the road. She ended up cranking the A/C appliance in her room as well as sleeping it off as well as we spoke about everything again in the morning with pancakes as well as bacon.



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