Looks like our son has some ambitions after all

I honestly thought that our kid didn’t have much ambition to do anything in life.

All he ever did was hang out with friends and play video games, not much else.

There was a time when he thought he wanted to be a video gaming programmer, but the coding seemed too complicated. Then he had to get into community service work for school, so he ended up volunteering at an HVAC corporation. They had him sweeping and cleaning the workspace and he heard the people on the phones talking about HVAC related scenarios. He became interested and asked if he could get on the phone. Surprisingly, they let him get on the phone with a trainer to help him answer the tough questions and things like that. He became pretty good and they ended up hiring part time after he was finished with his community service hours. It’s amazing now because he actually is fascinated with heating and cooling stuff and he wants to become an HVAC professional now. He says he plans to work this job until he graduates and then he will attend an HVAC trade school to earn his HVAC certification. I really must say, we are really excited for him and we are so happy to see that he was able to find something he loves, apart from playing video games. Now when we ask him stuff about our HVAC maintenance, he’s able to help us out like he’s an expert already. He has studied so much about heating and cooling systems, he knows all the basic maintenance and most common problems people experience.

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