A humble home gym

If you build it, they will come. I actually forget what movie that is from, something about baseball, but everyone knows the quote. It was floating around in my head a couple of years ago, right when the COVID lockdown was starting out. I got turfed from my job, and was looking at a few months in quarantine at home, so I decided to finally start work on a project I had been pondering for years. I had the space, and the tools, but I could never seem to find the time. Now I had nothing but free time on my hands, so I started building my own home gym. Not just any home gym, in the corner of a spare bedroom, but converting a free-standing two car garage into a real gym. I could have an area for weight lifting, another area for the various workout machines and pieces of equipment like the two treadmills. It turns out that deciding the arrangement of the workout areas was the least of my concerns, because a gym needs a lot of underlying components. For example, when you are weight lifting do you ever think about the structural integrity of the floor beneath you? That’s the sort of thing I had to worry about in my gym. As well as the power, the HVAC system, and the other things any gym needs to be a safe and healthy place to exercise. All I know is that in another month I will be done with the work, and I can spread the word and see if anyone wants to use my gym.

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