My first time trying yoga

There is no doubt that I am a bad influence in our relationship.

My girlfriend Babs is a little angel, and I am the little devil standing on her shoulder whispering bad advice in her ear.

Babs is a dynamo, and she is so good for me in so many ways. Most of all she puts up with my crap, and I know I can be a lot to put up with sometimes. She is a vegetarian, and while I still enjoy meat, I am trying to learn to appreciate her kind of food. She wants me to start doing her workout sessions with her, but that I am not so sure about. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching her do yoga poses, but I am still not sure about trying it myself. She told me that she really wanted me to try yoga, and that I should do a session alone, just to see how it felt. She turned on one of her favorite yoga classes on Youtube and left the room, and you know I locked the door behind her! It only took about ten minutes and I didn’t feel silly laying on the floor contorting my body any longer, because the yoga stretches were having an effect on me. I felt my muscles tighten and relax, and I felt my body open up in response to the series of intricate yoga poses. By the end of a 45 minute long yoga session, my body felt as worn out and limp as a wet noodle, and I realized that I had enjoyed the exercise!



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