Working out is good for the body and the soul

Believe it or not — Although I am now a successful law with a practice all my own, I could not have gotten here without football.

I knew I wanted to get into law when I was a teenager, but I was smart enough to know my family could never afford law school.

I could earn scholarships based on grades, but those might not be enough either. I knew that if I played football, and was good at it, I would earn a lot more scholarships and opportunities to get the education I wanted. That very week I started hitting the gym every single day, and after a few weeks I was ready to talk to the coach about joining the team. He knew I wasn’t any good at sports, but he also knew I was committed to the gym and to strength training so he put me on the team. For the next seven years I played football, first at high school then at the state university, and I would always hit the gym religiously, six days a week. If I ever missed a day of weight lifting, I would double down the next day and get in twice the reps. Exercise and strength training kept me a force to be reckoned with on the gridiron, but it also helped me retain my laser focus on my goals. Once I had graduated and I had my degree, I never once considered giving up my exercise routine. It might have started as a means to an end, but I feel my workout program has made me a more successful person.

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