A healthy blend of exercise and pot

I used to blame pot for my weight problem.

It was because I smoked so much that I had no motivation, that’s what I told myself.

I ate so much because I always had the munchies, and was always so bored. Once again, I was blaming the pot, when I should have been looking at my own life choices. I would literally wake up, smoke marijuana all day long, and then bemoan the fact that my life was going nowhere. Finally I woke up and realized that the problem wasn’t pot, the problem was me. I still smoke pot every day, but now I exercise every day as well, and hit the gym three times a week. My first step was taking the budget for a month of marijuana, and spending it on a six month gym membership. That was definitely the hardest step, because I was sacrificing my greatest source of fun to start a workout program. Without making a sacrifice, I would have never started hitting the gym so hard, but for that first month I had no other way to blow off steam! Smoking pot was my one big vice, and without it I had a ton of free time that I spent doing weight lifting, cross fit, and even a few yoga classes to help with my stress. A few weeks later I started smoking again, but in far less quantity, and I never let it disrupt my established workout program. I am in better shape, I have more energy, I sleep better, and I still get to enjoy my weed.
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