Moving to a hot and humid climate has been hard for my parents

My Dad plus Mom retired plus they decided to sell their beach house plus transport south.

They love the section plus our Mom enjoys playing hockey many afternoons a week… I wasn’t distraught that they made the decision, however our brother was entirely mad at first, and he thought our Dad plus Mom were abandoning him! My Dad plus Mom were talking about moving to warmer weather conditions for the past 10 years.

It entirely wasn’t a surprise when they finally decided to sell the house. I secretly hoped that it would take a long time to sell, however our parents put the beach house on the market for a good selling price. They had a good offer in less than six weeks. My parents moved a couple of weeks after the sale finally closed. My Dad plus Mom have experienced a little bit of trouble adjusting to the extremely hot rapidly adjusting temperatures. They decided to transport while in the summer when the rapidly adjusting temperatures were the highest of the year. My Dad plus Mom were not used to the humidity or the rapidly adjusting temperatures. They had to buy a dehumidifier for the dining room. My Dad plus Mom thought that the humid air was sizzling plus thick. The dehumidifier entirely helped remove a lot of the excess moisture. I think they use the dehumidifier every day. I can hear it running in the background when I talk to our mom on the PC. If it helps, after that I don’t think they care if it costs a ton of money on the electric bill, and until they adjust to the hot rapidly adjusting temperatures, they will actually run the AC plus dehumidifier all day.


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