Why climate control is important for comic books and collectables

Every Saturday I have a ritual that I follow.

Being middle aged, childless, footloose, and fancy free gives me a lot of opportunities most people don’t enjoy.

All of my friends are married with children, and on their weekends they usually do chores to spend time with their families. I enjoy my freedom, and while I hope everyone else is happy, it is certainly not the life I want for myself. So every Saturday I drove to the cannabis dispensary and the comic book shop… until last week. Thanks to a faulty air conditioner, the comic shop was closed, and it threw my Saturday into complete disarray. I went to the dispensary like usual, then went home and started researching HVAC systems, and why it was so important to the comic book shop. I knew that every time I went in there the place was ice cold, and I saw once that the thermostat was locked on 65. According to what I read ,the cold temps and low humidity of climate control help to preserve the condition of old comics, which are often on cheap paper that degrades easily. The comic store was closed because without the AC running full blast, then the precious comics would be more easily damaged. With that in mind I started thinking about my own comics, which did not have a climate control system. In fact, they sat in the garage, which is not even air conditioned, and I realized that they were probably growing mildew and mold on them already! Time to get a new air conditioned, I guess.


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