I need better cooling and better ventilation

When I get bored, I cook.

When I get stoned, I cook.

The funny thing is that I don’t like to eat a lot, I just love the art of cooking! My neighbors all love me because I am constantly giving away most of the meals I make. The local cannabis dispensaries love me because I supply them with the best tasting edibles in this part of the world. Instead of converting my love of cooking into extra pounds, I convert it into extra dollars with my sideline home business! I recently took some of my profits and sank them into a new HVAC system for the house, specifically to help with the needs of my kitchen. My old air conditioner was stolid, and a good performer over the years, but it was no longer up to the task. When the oven was hot and I was busy cooking, the rest of the house would slowly start heating up. When I left the kitchen I would find that the entire place was balmy and warm, regardless of where the thermostat was set. I needed a new more powerful air conditioner, preferably one with zone control so I could program different temps for different rooms. In addition to an upgrade for the central HVAC, I also needed some new exhaust fans put into the kitchen. Part of my problem was the AC, but the other part of it was poor ventilation in the kitchen, which trapped foul odors and dampness in my home. Let’s hope the HVAC tech can help me, and not break the bank.



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