The a/c is our saving grace

I just turned 50 & I have to tell you that I guess it sucks.

I used to like laboring out, & I only did it when I felt appreciate it.

It didn’t matter if I hit the gym once a week or once a year, I stayed in pretty good shape; Those afternoons are behind me, because now I exercise every single morning, & still put on weight. I have to take pills to fall asleep, other pills to stay asleep, & a fifth kind of pills to wake up in the morning, then let myself and others restate it — getting seasoned sucks, and thanks to our sizzling flashes, I am wearing out the temperature control by always jamming the air conditioner up to the max. I went so far as to rearrange our home office to site our number one easychair right under the air vent. When I get lake house from labor I will park it there, & use our smart temperature control with voice control to turn down the A/C & let the glorious coldness rain down over me. At labor I was unquestionably quite fortunate, because our desk has consistently been under the A/C vent, except for I used to hate it. I used to be that lady in the office that was consistently wearing a overcoat & fussing with the temperature control, but no longer, however now I am quite thankful to have the air vents right overhead, otherwise the morning at labor would be a lot sweatier. I hope these sizzling flashes stop soon, because running the A/C so much is unquestionably driving up our utility bills.


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