Learning a lot about Heating plus Air Conditioning & air quality

Air purity is finally getting a lot more attention, thanks to the COVID pandemic… For the first time people are starting to guess about the air they breathe, & what they can do to improve the quality of that air.

  • I have breathing complications, & have since I was a small child, so this is something that has consistently been important to me! Monitoring the quality of the outside air is just as important, so I consistently keep track of the humidity levels, the allergens & pollen in the air, plus the temps.

I am not an Heating plus Air Conditioning tech, although I have studied the field extensively, just to be able to cultivate our own expert opinion. My concern is not that I distrust Heating plus Air Conditioning techs, but that I consider them to be normal people capable of making mistakes. I will never hesitate to call a professional Heating plus Air Conditioning tech, but at the same time I need to guess enough to make sure they are correct. Mostly I have watched a few hundred Heating plus Air Conditioning tutorials & videos on Youtube, although I have also bought the owner’s manual for our lake house system. According to the original specs, this a/c should labor for another eight to twelve years, but only if I take the best possible care of it, however seeing as how a new Heating plus Air Conditioning system will set you back eight to multiple thoUnited Statesnd dollars these afternoons, I want this a single to live for as long as possible! Because of our breathing complications, air quality & Heating plus Air Conditioning performance are unquestionably important to me.

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