Roughing it did not labor out, so both of us bought a space heater

My friends & I decided to go camping.

All of us were fully intent on “roughing it” & spending a weekend in the woods doing things the seasoned fashioned way.

As it turns out, when your campsite is only a multiple seventh drive from a Walmart, it is unquestionably hard to rough it. When both of us ran out of bottled water, no a single was cool with drinking water from the stream, so both of us went to the store & bought some more… plus some snacks, too! When the winds picked up & both of us couldn’t keep the campfire going, both of us went & bought a space heating system that ran off of the car engine. It turns out that you can’t melt marshmallows over a space heating system the same way you can a fire, a lesson both of us l received before going to buy another space heater, a single that wasn’t covered in sticky goo. With only a single space heater, all the people tried to cram into a single tent to sleep, but there wasn’t room for us all. I turned on our iPhone flashlight & used a stick to scrape some of the melted marshmallow from the other space heater. After about an hour I got it to work, but the goo on the heating coils started to burn, so I was warm in our own tent, but it stank to high heaven! All of us decided that if both of us ever go back both of us will rent a large RV so both of us can have controlled heating & not have to worry about any of this, but campfires are cool & all, but no replacement for a good furnace.
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