A new lake house needs new AC

This loft has been in the family for generations.

Sadly, our Dad & dad consistently took that to mean that they shouldn’t make any improvements to the house.

They thought it was disrespectful to change such an old & proper building… although I say nuts to that! My ancestors made this loft as good as they possibly could, but I’m sure they would want their bloodline to keep on improving, so it consistently stays the best! The first thing I did when I moved in was to gut the home office & the entryway, & totally refurbish them, then because our folks never wanted to install a central Heating plus Air Conditioning system, all the site had was a series of window-mounted units in a few of the rooms, however of course I took out all those A/C units eventually, just as soon as I could get a central system installed! It was a unquestionably nice moment, because when the Heating plus Air Conditioning tech saw all the seasoned units I was going to get rid of, she told myself and others about a local program for at-risk youth. This girl unquestionably hosted a yearly class for local teens, teaching them the basics of heating & cooling service as an alternative to laboring at McDonalds or Walmart, and she explained to myself and others that with these multiple a/cs, she could give these adolescents more hands-on lessons, & show them the inner laborings in good detail. I gave him our blessing to take all the seasoned a/cs with him to use for class, & she was so grateful she signed myself and others up for the annual service program for free.



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