I think the house needs too many repairs

My fiance and I have been searching for the perfect house, but it has been a very difficult task.

I want a place in the country with a big backyard, but my fiance wants to be close to the city. The only places we can afford are smaller than we want or they need a lot of repairs. A couple of weeks ago, my fiance and I went to look at a cute cottage right outside of the city. It only had two bedrooms, but it had a unique floor plan that included a den. I knew we would have plenty of room in the house and space to grow. The place looks great on the outside, but inside was a completely different story. I could tell that the kitchen sink was broken and the garbage disposal didn’t work either. I told my fiance that we needed to get a contractor to look at the place and give us an estimate for all of the repair. The contractor went to look at the place a couple of days later and he provided us with a full report. One of the biggest problems was the heat pump. The contractor recommended replacing the heat pump and the AC unit. I knew that was a huge expense and a significant amount of work. When I heard some of the plumbing issues as well, I knew that the house needed too many repairs. I would have settled for a couple of issues with the sink or even replacing the heat pump, but those two problems were just the tip of the iceberg. Our search for the perfect property continues.

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