Be careful about Heating and A/C companies offering 50% off on inferior manufacturers

Typically I am a sucker for sales, promotions, and clearance deals. I will say until our last breath on Earth that most of the time you’re getting overcharged for something, whether it’s food or an electronic device. The “sale” price is often how much you’ll regularly pay anywhere else if you’re smart about when and where you shop. I’m not going to spend $100 on clothing that costs $40 at a local supercenter, especially if the quality differences are negligible. I calculated that I save over $100 a month on groceries because I insist on shopping at the discount grocery stores. The “nice” markets are superb for specialty meat and produce, however the rest of the items in the store are marked up by as much as 40%. Why waste currency on things like aluminum foil and garbage bags when the same quality is much cheaper anywhere else? However, I l received the strenuous way once that some discount deals are not worth the hassle and pain. I needed a up-to-date central cooling system and I saw this commercial on cable from a local Heating and A/C supplier. At first I was gleeful by the offer, however the rational side of our brain decided to research this cooling system manufacturer to see if they make quality machines. The moment I put their name in the search bar, the first words to come up were “scam,” “malfunctions,” and “bad customer service.” When I looked further, I found buyers who were burned by taking fortune of these 50% off deals. New Heating and A/C suppliers are swooned into offering these deals by these predatory manufacturer representatives. I think that plenty of these local Heating and A/C companies are aware of the scam, however there are some that are not.



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