My HVAC warranty is very specific

So I just saved our brother in law from making a very extravagant HVAC error.

  • And I barely did anything other than answer a iphone as well as study a warranty.

It all started when our sibling came house from task to find that the cooling system wasn’t working right. The HVAC device was running as well as the thermostat setting hadn’t changed. It was just that the HVAC cooling was not even forthcoming. The heat pump was working however it wasn’t pumping out any HVAC cooling. It was just blowing the recycled air through the ductwork. Her first instinct was to call the HVAC supplier to have someone come check it. However, as she was picking up the iphone, her hubby came house as well as told her to not bother calling the HVAC professionals. Instead, he felt sure that he would be able to simply recharge the cooling system as well as it would work. Plus, they would save on the HVAC service call. But our sibling was sure that she had studied in the HVAC warranty that only certified HVAC servicemens can task on the HVAC equipment. But her hubby was ignoring her as well as had gone to the hardware store to get an HVAC cooling recharge kit. So she wanted me to get over there as well as confirm the HVAC warranty before it was too late. Being a fantastic brother, that’s exactly what I did as well as it turned out that she was a hundred percent correct. The HVAC warranty clearly stated that the warranty would be void if anyone other than a licensed HVAC professional where to task on it. Don’t really understand why he needed to hear this from me. But that’s a peculiar story I guess.



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