It was great upgrading to a ductless HVAC system

I dislike admitting it but there is some truth to “time is money”.

Honestly, this has been one of our least number one axioms of all time.

For one, money is money plus time is time. Plus, everyone that is constantly into time is also into money and are also pushing to force their own deadlines. For me, I tend to enjoy taking our time. No need to get all sizzling in the air conditioner of the office over an extra hour. But as much as it pains me, I now fully understand the time is money thing. This is because I have started acquiring small homes, renovating them plus then renting to people. The longer the renovations take, the longer I’m not getting any relocation on the house. So when I got a call from the heating plus A/C business now working on our latest place, I left work plus got myself over there. Apparently, I missed the fact that the ductwork on this place was also in need of being replaced. However, this was something that should have been addressed prior to the stage we were in on the actual renovations. Not only would it cost me more money but far more time to rip out plus replace the ductwork. Instead, we pivoted to using a ductless multi split system for heating plus cooling this particular house. Not only did this split a chunk of money off the heating plus A/C replacement, it would save me a ton of really upscale time in the process. The enjoyable thing is the fact that the ductless heat pumps are really awesome plus do such an enjoyable task providing quality heating plus air.



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